WoW Plunderstorm Hotfix Buffs Plunder Drop Rates From Players and NPCs Alike


WoW Plunderstorm Hotfix Buffs Plunder Drop Rates From Players and NPCs Alike

Surya Kumar
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Blizzard has already implemented a hotfix to the new Plunderstorm mode, targeting an increase in the Plunder gained from killing opponents, looting chests, and other hostile creatures.
This is certainly a welcomed change as many players seemed to ignore PvP combat and focus on PvE elements to gain Plunder and climb through the 40 Renown levels.

Blizzard silently launched a Battle Royale (BR) mode named Plunderstorm into World of Warcraft on 20th March, surprising thousands of players who expected the 10.2.6 update to come with another expansion like Dragonflight. This Pirate-themed BR is set in the Arathi Highlands, where 60 players battle it out against each other to be the last man standing.

While most players have welcomed this limited-time event with open arms, some have mentioned that there is a significant grind involved in gaining Plunder and advancing through the Renown levels. In response to this feedback, the devs have implemented a hotfix, boosting Plunder rates across the board. Without further ado, let’s delve into the details of this patch.

Here Are All the Major Changes Made to the Plunderstorm Battle Royale in WoW

This limited-time Pirate-themed event emphasizes plundering as a core part of its gameplay, which can be done by looting chests, killing opponents, or even killing hostile NPC creatures, as this game mode combines both PvP and PvE elements. However, many players complained that the amount of Plunder or gold gained was not enough to progress through the Renown levels that Plunderstorm offers.

To balance things out and allow players to make quick progress through the 40 Renown levels in this mode, the devs made the following hotfixes to increase the rate of Plunder gained from killing other players, non-player enemies, and chests. Here are the exact changes:

  • Plunder dropped by other players significantly increased.

  • Plunder from non-player enemies increased by 50%.

  • Plunder from golden chests doubled.

  • Top placement in a match now rewards 500 Plunder (was 100).

Additionally, players also need not worry about losing any of their acquired Plunder when they die. This change will not only increase the amount you’ve gained but also encourage more PvP encounters, as the Plunder you gain from killing opponents also increases significantly. 

This is a welcomed change, as many players seemed to avoid fighting their opponents and opted for a more PvE approach, looting chests and killing hostile NPCs, which seemingly dropped more Plunder.

For those who are yet to experience Plunderstorm, Plunder is essentially your main currency in this event, and gaining more of it increases your reputation with Keg Leg’s Pirate Crew, allowing you to progress through the Renown levels and earn enticing items like the Polly Roger parrot mount, Bubbles the Crab pet, and several other cosmetics that can be added to your Transmog set.  

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