How Does the New Plunderstorm Battle Royale Mode Work in World of Warcraft?


How Does the New Plunderstorm Battle Royale Mode Work in World of Warcraft?

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Plunderstorm is a limited-time battle royale game mode added to WoW as part of the 10.2.6 patch.
Although it retains the core elements of the battle royale genre, it adds certain features like spells and other abilities that can be acquired once you jump into the match.
This pirate-themed event occurs in the Arathi Highlands with the option to play Solo or Duos.

As part of patch 10.2.6, Blizzard silently unveiled a brand-new battle royale mode into WoW, surprising numerous Classic and Dragonflight fans. Named ‘Plunderstorm’, this limited-time event has been kept incredibly secretive, as there have been no leaks from data miners regarding its existence.

Nevertheless, this pirate-themed event combines both PvP and PvE gameplay and puts a spin on the traditional rules of the battle royale genre, allowing players to earn enticing rewards without having to be the last one standing. Without further ado, let’s delve into the functionalities of WoW Plunderstorm.

Here’s How Plunderstorm Works in World of Warcraft

While this game mode follows the core elements of a battle royale, it introduces numerous other additions such as spells and abilities along with some character customization options. Plunderstorm does not follow the traditional rules and mechanics that are imposed in other WoW expansions and as a result, you cannot use any of your other main characters for this mode and must create a distinct character specifically for the battle royale. This pirate-themed mode is set in the Arathi Highlands which will hold a total of 60 players in a match.

Arathi Highlands

Unlike traditional battle royale games that can last upwards of an hour, Plunderstorm matches only last around 10 to 15 minutes which means your battles will be fast-paced and rewarding. Although you drop into the map with pre-determined characters, they do not completely impact your gameplay, as you can level up and acquire new skills and abilities by killing opponents, and hostile creatures, and by looting chests, all while avoiding the rapidly approaching storm.

Apart from accessing spells and abilities, you also have movement buffs like performing double jumps regardless of your character selection and taking no damage from falls, making for some fun combat scenarios within the battle royale mode. Unlike Classic and Dragonflight which are filled with numerous moves to perform and spells to cast, Pludnerstorm offers a streamlined experience, limiting the action bar to just seven different functionalities.


Although you need to be the last one standing to be declared the winner, that is not the only way to acquire rewards and items. Plunderstorm features 40 Renown levels and progressing through each level will grant you one item as a reward. This includes the Polly Roger Parrot mount, Bubbles the Crab pet, several cosmetics, and even 750 Trader’s Tenders from the “Keg Leg’s Crew” What captivates most fans is that all rewards earned from Plunderstorm can be unlocked in your Transmog set for all of your main characters in WoW.

What Are the Requirements to Play the Plunderstorm Battle Royale in Wow?

The Plunderstorm battle royale mode is a limited-time event that can be accessed by all players with a WoW subscription regardless of whether they predominantly play Classic or Draonflight. You need not purchase any additional expansions, however, if you are a Classic player, you need to install the modern World of Warcraft client to access this mode.

Once you launch into modern WoW, you need to click on the Plunderstorm icon on the top left to access this battle royale mode. From here, you can access chats and even a friend menu, where you can invite one another teammate and compete in Duo matches. If you wish to be a lone warrior, you can either choose to play the solo mode or even play the Duo mode with a random teammate.

Thankfully, solo and duo players are not grouped up in the same lobby as that would be an unfair advantage to teams of two, thanks to their ability to automatically revive fallen teammates by standing next to them. Additionally, the devs have also added a spectator mode, which allows you to watch your teammate’s gameplay after you have died or even observe your enemies if your party has been eliminated.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the new Plunderstorm battle royale game mode in WoW. Although this is only a limited-time event in the game, there are possibilities of it earning a permanent spot as an expansion, depending on player feedback.

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