Let us look at whether Starfield will have multiplayer co-op.


Will Starfield Have Multiplayer Co-Op?

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Fans are excited for the release of Bethesda's brand new space-themed IP.
Starfield will feature over 1000 unique planets to explore.
Let us look at if Starfield will have multiplayer co-op.

Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming open-world RPG Starfield is already generating hype as fans are eager to explore what the game has to offer. The developer has promised players access to a universe in their brand new space-themed IP, including over 1000  procedurally generated planets. With so much space exploration to be done, players are left wondering if they’ll be able to share this experience with friends. Let us look at what the developer has said about Starfield having multiplayer co-op.  

Does Starfield Have multiplayer?

According to Bethesda, as of now Starfield will be a single-player experience. The studio has not announced any multiplayer features, meaning that multiplayer co-op will not be available for Starfield. The gameplay for Starfield revolves around your single-player, roleplaying experience, in-line with previous Bethesda titles like Skyrim or Fallout. While you can’t bring an IRL friend along for the journey, you will be able to travel with AI companions. Your Starfield companions will help you in combat, carry things for you and pitch in with advice when possible. The studio has revealed that each companion will come with rich dialogue choices and romantic options. Companions can be robots, humans, and beasts. 

The studio had maintained from the start that Starfield is a single player game. In interviews, director Todd Howard called Starfield a “single player game” and it is also listed as single player on Steam. Despite not having multiplayer at launch, it is possible that Bethesda will add multiplayer to Starfield down the line. Ever since the game’s announcement it has drawn comparisons with a similarl space adventure game, No Man’s Sky. While No Man’s Sky started off with no multiplayer, it was eventually added, proving popular with fans. It is unclear if Bethesda will ever go down this route. 

Starfield single player gameplay

Starfield has marketed itself as a solo adventure, letting you create unique characters, give them backgrounds and traits of your choice. The open-world experience means you will be free to make your own destiny, explore the vast catalog of planets and form alliances as you see fit. There are a few companions we’ve seen so far:

  • Barrett – Constellation companion

  • Sam Coe – Constellation companion

  • Sarah Morgan – Constellation companion

Sarah Morgan is one of the companions.
  • VASCO – crew member

  • Marika Boros – crew member

  • Heller – crew member

  • Adoring Fan – Hero Worshipped Trait crew member

Many of these companions come from factions which are vying for control and influence throughout the game’s universe. Starfield releases on 6th  September 2023.

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