Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Continue the Tradition of Engaging Police Chases?


Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Continue the Tradition of Engaging Police Chases?

Surya Kumar
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Grand Theft Auto 6 will supposedly feature numerous improvements to AI which helps with Police and NPC behavior.
The leaked footage from 2022 showcases instances where police use smart strategies to avoid the player’s direct line of fire.
Police will also reportedly make a note of your character’s appearance and vehicle information to add an extra layer of challenge during getaways.

Rockstar Games have hyped up numerous fans with the announcement trailer set to be released in December. Following their post on X / Twitter, several leakers and data miners took it upon themselves to release presumably new information regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA). One such information supposedly encompasses the changes made to the game’s AI which affects both NPCs and the Police system. Let’s take a look at all the improvements that the new game might bring to the table.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Might Feature Improved Police AI

As part of the leaks that came out in September 2022, we got access to a clip showcasing the behavior of the police while engaged in a chase sequence with the characters. Although this clip has been taken down numerous times, it is still possible to find them on social media sites like Reddit and X. 

If you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto, you will know that cop chases are an integral part of the game. Ramming into other cop cars, blowing them up, and flipping them over is half the fun when you are playing the single-player mode. That being said, seasoned players are well aware of the drawbacks of the police system which can sometimes be incredibly frustrating to deal with.

However, taking a look at the leaked footage gives us an idea of how the devs have improved Police AI behavior in Grand Theft Auto 6. The footage in question shows a thrilling chase sequence between the police and Lucia who is assumed to be one of the main protagonists. The other character, Jason, is presumably driving the vehicle while she is firing at the cops from the trunk. Similar to other games in the series, the cops are attempting to do everything in their power to apprehend them and this includes all the usual high-speed chases through city streets, even crashing into other NPCs and causing more damage than you do. 

One important thing to notice here is the relentlessness in their pursuits. Although the cop cars were hitting the curbs and flying into the air, they still continued their pursuits as long as their vehicles were able to do so. If it was the previous title, the cops would easily give up midway through their pursuits or be stuck trying to get their vehicles from collisions.

 This carries over to combat movements where cops would avoid any direct line of fire and attempt to approach you through strategic ways. This can be seen in another clip which shows the police taking multiple approaches to reduce the proximity between Lucia and them. There are also numerous other rumors stating that the police would now recognize faces and vehicle information along with having a countdown to arrive at your location. This would certainly create smarter and more complex combat scenarios. 

Do note that all of this information was observed in the leaked clips of the game. If the early footage translates over to the final game, we can be sure to engage in more immersive cop chases when compared to any of the existing GTA games.

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