What Could Be the Possible Budget of Grand Theft Auto 6?


What Could Be the Possible Budget of Grand Theft Auto 6?

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to be the most expensive project from Rockstar Games to date.
According to data gathered from the massive leaks the studio suffered, the game is allocated a budget of $2 Billion.

Numerous fans of the well-known Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Series are eagerly awaiting the announcement trailer of GTA 6 which will reportedly arrive this December as notified through official posts from the Rockstar handles on social media sites. Considering this, speculations regarding the game have heightened over the past week as numerous reliable leakers and data miners are coming up with new information regarding this upcoming title.

Keeping in mind the success of GTA 5 and its online mode, many fans are wondering what the production costs behind the upcoming title would be. If you have the same question, we have gathered valid data to come up with a plausible answer. Let’s take a look.

The Budget of Grand Theft Auto 6

After the unfortunate leak that occurred in September 2022, the budget allocated for the game became evident to many. Although the studio has yet to make any confirmations and probably wants you to forget about the leaks, numerous fans are expecting the game to be the most expensive project from Rockstar Games to date.

Four days after the leak on 18th September 2022, vx- underground, a popular tech-related page shared a supposed conversation between the leaker and a group of ransomware threat actors. Apart from claiming that they had access to Kone.com, Rockstar Games, DoorDash, etc, they also mentioned that Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in development since 2014 with over $2 Billion spent on it so far.

Although it sounds like plausible information, many are criticizing the leaker saying that such a colossal amount would mean that the mentioned number would be to support the project’s lifetime. This includes all future content such as DLCs, Online content, etc for the next foreseeable future.

Apart from the game’s production, the studio will possibly spend millions on marketing and sales. While some sources stick by this aforementioned budget, many also say that the production cost of the game will take around $1 Billion which is 50% of the whole share.

Regardless of this, a Billion dollar budget is still significant in terms of developing a video game and we can be sure that the expectations of fans are through the roof. 

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