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Why Should Indian Parents Not Be Worried About Gaming?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Parents usually get all worked up when their kids are glued to their video gaming devices for a long time. Video games, especially in India, are not seen as a good past time as the older generation always views them as toys or a mere entertainment medium. Considering video games as an artistic craft or as a career option is never the case. However, there are many reasons why Indian parents should not be worried about video games and their children playing games.

This is because playing video games has its own set of benefits. Right from helping the gamer improve their problem-solving techniques to actively indulging in community building and socialization, video games play a major part.

Likewise, Daphne Bavelier, professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester, in her findings, stated, “It turns out that action video games are far from mindless." Her studies indicated that video gamers show improved skills in vision, attention, and certain aspects of cognition.

Benefits of Video Gaming That Indian Parents Should Acknowledge

Gaming Improves Cognitive Abilities

new study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) offers a fresh perspective on this popular pastime. The study, involving 2,000 children, suggests that extensive gaming could enhance certain cognitive skills—a notable contrast to the prevailing narrative that often links video games with negative behavioral and mental health outcomes.

The study also found no support for the association between video gaming and an uptick in violence or aggressive behavior. Although some children who played games extensively had higher scores on attention problems and depression symptoms, these did not reach a clinically significant level, suggesting that gaming does not inherently risk problem behaviors or clinical symptoms.

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Gamers Can Regulate Emotions Better

A research paper titled “The Benefits of Playing Video Games,” suggested that playing puzzle video games, those with minimal interfaces, short-term commitments, and a high degree of accessibility like Angry Birds or Bejeweled, can improve players’ moods, promote relaxation, and ward off anxiety.

Video Games Foster Sense of Community & Belongingness

A study by Rachel Kowert, research director of the nonprofit Take This, revealed that massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) engagement correlated to a stronger sense of social identity, corresponding to higher self-esteem, more social competence, and lower levels of loneliness. In her study, Kowert studied more than 700 MMO players along with researchers from Edge Hill University and the University of York. Kowert said, “Online, game-rooted friendships are as real as any offline friendships, and they shouldn’t be discredited just because they’re mediated through technology.

This is contrary to the image often painted of gamers where they are socially isolated, sad and cut off social interactions.

Therefore, it is high time that Indian parents acknowledged that video games may boost their child’s confidence, improve their skillsets, and also help them interact better. Additionally, gaming as a career option is genuinely on the rise in India where esports is becoming profitable and normalized. According to a report, India was crowned as the fastest-growing video games market in Asia in 2023 and with esports titles such as Valorant, BGMI and the like becoming popular, there are more career opportunities for those with a spark and passion for video games.

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