Who Is Soul Aman


Who Is Soul Aman?

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Soul Aman, a former professional PUBG Mobile player, is a respected coach and content creator in India's thriving esports community.
Soul Aman transitioned from a casual gamer to a celebrated player, notably winning the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split: South Asia under the banner of Entity Gaming.
With nearly 900,000 followers on his main YouTube channel, Soul Aman shares gaming insights and personal vlogs.

To the world of esports and content creation, Aman "Soul Aman" Jain, is a prominent figure in the Indian gaming community. With an illustrious career as a professional PUBG Mobile player and a pivot to a variety of titles post the game's ban in India, Soul Aman has continued to captivate his audience with his skills and engaging personality.

Here is a detailed look at his journey from Rajasthan to becoming a star in the esports scene.

Who Is Soul Aman?

Aman Jain, popularly known as Soul Aman, is a notable figure in the Indian esports community, particularly recognized for his prowess in PUBG Mobile before it was banned in India.

Born on 15th May 1998 in Rajasthan, India, Soul Aman has grown to become not just a professional player but a respected coach and content creator, influencing many through his gameplay and competitive spirit.

  • Real Name: Aman Jain

  • Gamer Tag: Soul Aman

  • Date of Birth: 15th May, 1998

  • Age: 26 years old

  • Location: Rajasthan, India

  • Career Age: 2019 - Present

Soul Aman

Soul Aman: Early Life and Background

Growing up in Rajasthan, Aman was drawn to gaming from a young age. His initial casual gaming hobby soon turned into a more serious pursuit as he discovered PUBG Mobile. Aman's strategic and sharp gameplay helped him quickly make his mark in the competitive scene, becoming a beloved figure among gaming enthusiasts in India.

Soul Aman: Rise to Stardom

Aman has had an impressive competitive career in PUBG Mobile, marked by several notable achievements. He clinched first place at the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: South Asia with Entity Gaming, taking home $60,000. His team also secured significant positions in high-stake tournaments like the PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East and the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split Global Finals.

However, Aman's career took a significant leap when he joined Team SouL, a well-known name in Indian esports, participating in several high-stake tournaments that brought him and his team numerous accolades.

Aman's role evolved from player to coach, and he continues to contribute to Team SouL's strategies and successes. His notable achievements include a first-place finish at the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series - Season 1, where his team took home a prize of $95,935, marking one of the highest in his career.

Soul Aman: Gaming Philosophy

Known for his tactical acumen and leadership, Aman is not just a player but a mentor to many young esports aspirants. His gaming philosophy revolves around continuous improvement and adapting to the dynamic nature of competitive gaming, traits that have helped him stay at the top of his game.

Soul Aman: Beyond Gaming

Aside from his competitive achievements, Aman has a vibrant presence online as a content creator. His YouTube channel, 'SoulAman' showcases a mix of live gaming sessions, strategic guides, and personal vlogs that give fans a glimpse into the life of a professional gamer. With nearly 900,000 subscribers, his channel is a go-to resource for many aspiring gamers.

His second channel though, named SouLAman 2.0, is focused solely on gameplay content around BGMI and stream highlights.

Soul Aman: Personal Life

In personal life, Aman enjoys movies, traveling, and exploring new cuisines, with a preference for coffee, pasta, and ice cream. His favorite actors are Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, and he often draws inspiration from their careers.

SouL Aman: Most Viewed YouTube Videos

Soul Aman has captivated audiences with a variety of content that showcases his exceptional gaming skills and engaging personality. Here are some of his most popular YouTube videos on his channel.

  1. China Pros vs SOUL | Ultimate Bridge Campers | SOUŁ々MortaL | SOUŁ々Aman | PUBG MOBILE - 4.3 Million Views

  2. This is Why Mortal is Best | 1 vs 4 Moment | SOUŁ々MortaL | SOUŁ々Aman | PUBG MOBILE - 4 Million Views

  3. Two Conqueror squad Battle in Georgopool (No Loot) | SOUL 々 Mortal | SOUŁ々Aman | PUBG MOBILE - 1.7 Million Views

  4. SouLAman Handcam | 2 Finger | 1000 Hours of Practice in 13 minutes | Pubg Mobile - 1.3 Million Views

  5. 22 Kills Chicken Dinner | Team SouL | SouLAman POV | Bye Bye Haters - 1.3 Million Views

These videos highlight his strategic prowess in PUBG Mobile and his ability to entertain and educate his audience through engaging gameplay.

Soul Aman: Social Media and Online Presence

Soul Aman's online presence is robust, engaging a substantial audience through both his main and secondary YouTube channels, as well as Instagram.

  • Main YouTube Channel: SoulAman - 888 Thousand Subscribers

  • Secondary YouTube Channel: SoulAman 2.0 - 232 Thousand Subscribers

  • Instagram: @ig_soul_aman - 300 Thousand Followers

Looking forward, Soul Aman aims to expand his horizons. He continues to focus on coaching and content creation, aiming to inspire the next generation of gamers.

Soul Aman's journey from a casual gamer to a key figure in esports is a testament to his dedication and skill, making him a true icon in the Indian gaming community.

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