In one of the Half Time commercials, Beyonce was shown streaming on a Twitch channel called "IamSlayonce" to break the internet.


Who Is 'IamSlayonce'? Does Beyonce Stream on Twitch?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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After the Super Bowl LVIII ended, fans were left scratching their heads as they wondered if Beyonce streamed on Twitch.
In one of the commercials, Beyonce was shown streaming on a Twitch channel called "IamSlayonce" to break the internet.

The Super Bowl LVIII was all people could talk about in the last couple of days. From Usher's scintillating performance to Kansas City Chiefs take home the trophy as they beat the San Franciso 49ers in overtime. As usual, fans were also delighted to see the half time commercials.

One such commercial has got Twitch and Beyonce fans looking for more answers. This commercial by Verizon called 'Can't B Broken' showcases Beyonce streaming on Twitch on a channel called 'IamSlayonce' in an attempt to break the internet service provider.

Now, fans are actually wondering if Beyonce actually streams on Twitch and if the 'IamSlayonce' account is real.

Who Is 'IamSlayonce' on Twitch?

During the recently concluded Super Bowl, Beyonce excited her fanbase with a surprise announcement about her upcoming album. This was via a commercial for Verizon during the break. Throughout the skit, Beyonce tries different things to break "Verizon". At the start of the commercial, she breaks the internet with her performance and her phone is blowing up with notifications and alert.

Her assistant played by Tony Hale then says, "I bet you can't break that [Verizon]!" to Beyonce and she takes up the challenge. Among the different things she tries to get Verizon to break down is stream on Twitch.

She can be seen streaming on the 'IamSlayonce' Twitch channel with the description, "I slay all day. Oh, and I'm the REAL Beyonce." In the commercial, she streams in the Just Chatting category and has 107K viewers. Funnily though, the video shows her playing a game of sorts.

Nitpicking aside, the looming question was whether Beyonce's Twitch account IamSlayonce account is real or not.

Interestingly, the account is not fake and photoshopped on the video. The IamSlayonce Twitch account indeed shown in the Verizon commercial during Super Bowl LVIII does exist. According to the Twitchtracker website, the account was created on 9th February 2024, just a couple of days before the Verizon commercial aired.

At the time of writing this article, the IamSlayonce Twitch account has over 53K followers. However, as expected, no clips or videos were found.

While we do not know if Beyonce would ever go live on Twitch to stream, we can never dismiss the idea. We have had many big names take to the streaming platform in the past including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Lando Norris, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, Terry Crews, and Mike Shinoda.

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