Where Can You Get the Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded and What Are Its Uses?


Where Can You Get the Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded and What Are Its Uses?

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The Yucca Fruit is a crucial food resource that allows you to effectively recharge your stamina and health.
You can acquire this fruit by cutting down Palm Trees found in the Kindlewastes end-game region.

The hostile regions of Embervale possess formidable foes that will try their very best to take you down. Although this might seem dreadful, the game does provide you with various resources spread across its dense environment to craft items that will ensure your survival. One notable example is the elusive Yucca Fruit, which offers passive buffs to your character for a specific duration. Unlike other food resources, this fruit cannot be acquired from the Farmer, and it demands you to explore the varied biomes of the game to collect it. Without further ado, here’s where you can find the Yucca Fruit along with its use cases.

Where Can You Obtain the Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded?

Unlike other food items in Enshrouded, the rare Yucca fruit is found in the Kindlewastes, a desert biome located in the far right corner of the map. Before you venture out to this area, you need to know that Kindlewastes is considered an end-game region and we recommend you upgrade your Flame Altar to level 5, as you will run into powerful enemies who can kill you with just a few blows.

kindlewastes map

Make sure you bring the best weapons and armor in your inventory along with food, healing potions, and additional Flame Altars which will serve as fast travel points, helping you easily escape deadly foes. You can reach the Kindlewastes region by heading in the Southeast direction from the Nomad Highlands Spire until you locate the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire.

Once you reach the top of this tower, you can glide down in the northern direction till you find three cliffs surrounding a clump of trees, as shown below:

three cliffs

This thicket will resemble Palm Trees and they are noticeable by their trunks splitting into a V shape in the middle. All you need to do is cut them down to acquire Yucca Fruit. You will also acquire Palm Wood Logs from these trees. You can chop them down with a basic Axe or use an advanced Axe to farm them efficiently.

The aforementioned location seems to be the most lucrative source of Yucca Fruit so far, however, you will also find more of these Palm Trees around the Kindlewastes region. You can always revisit this thicket as they respawn eventually, allowing you to farm more Yucca Fruit.

What Are the Uses of Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded?

As mentioned before, the Yucca Fruit is a food resource that offers you passive buffs for a short period. You can consume the fruit directly to provide the following effects:

  • +1 Stamina Recharge

  • +2 Health Regeneration

  • Duration: 25 Minutes

Additionally, you can also craft dishes such as Grilled Yucca Fruit (+20 Stamina Recharge for 20 minutes) and a Fruit Bowl using the Yucca Fruit. Note that you need the Farmer’s help to cook it and you also require a fireplace to grill the fruit.

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