When Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Release on PC? Everything You Need to Know

When Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Release on PC? Everything You Need to Know

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was released on 29th February solely for the PlayStation 5, thanks to Sony’s exclusivity deal with developer Square Enix.
An official announcement for the game’s PC seems plausible by the end of May 2024, as it marks the end of Sony’s exclusivity deal.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy (FF) 7 Rebirth aims to offer an enticing ARPG experience for its players, where they take on the role of Cloud Strife and embark on various adventures throughout the planet to prevent megacorporation Shinra from exploiting its life essence. 

As a sequel to FF7 Remake, this title is also exclusively available only on Sony’s PlayStation 5, at least for the time being. Considering that the 2020 game made its way to PC, many fans are wondering if Rebirth will follow the same pattern as well. Although it seems plausible, rumors and speculations suggest that a PC release might be a while away from becoming a reality.

When Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Making Its Way to PC?

Although Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released on the PlayStation 4 in April 2020, the PC edition was released only in December 2021 following the game’s PlayStation 5 launch in June of the same year. For those unaware, Final Fantasy’s PC port was delayed due to the exclusivity deal signed between Square Enix and Sony, which gives priority to the PlayStation consoles.

Considering that FF7 Rebirth is the second entry in Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy trilogy, it seems unlikely that the game would be skipped on PC. Furthermore, keen observers might have spotted the disclaimer in  PlayStation’s State of Play demo for the game, which states “Not available on other formats until at least 05.09.2024”.

This essentially means that 29th May could possibly be the end of PlaySation’s exclusivity contract with Square Enix. This date would be exactly three months from the game’s release on the PS5. However, you need to understand that just because the exclusivity deal ends in May, it does not guarantee that the PC port will be launched the very next day. 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was available on PC, a year and a half after its initial launch for the PlayStation 4. If Square Enix decides to follow the same release schedule, it could mean that the PC port will only arrive around Fall 2025. Although there has been no official information from the developer at the time of writing, a PC announcement seems plausible by the end of May, right after the end of the exclusivity deal. 

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