When Is the Next Peg-E Event in Monopoly Go?

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Monopoly Go Peg-E event


Monopoly Go is the digital rendition of the classic Monopoly board game.
Here's all you need to know about the next Monopoly Go Peg-E event.

Monopoly Go is an entertaining digital game that one can play on their mobile devices. It allows players to have an immersive experience of the tabletop board game completely through their device. The season of Monopoly Go Origins was in full swing where we celebrated three full months of interesting and entertaining in-game events and tournaments.

Scopely has been celebrating the launch of its new sticker album in Monopoly Go called Making Music. We have had many solo events and tournaments in the game already. With these events, players are wondering when the next Peg-E event in the game is.

Here's all you need to know about the next Monopoly Go Peg-E event.

Next Peg-E Event in Monopoly Go (April 2024)

Peg-E is a special mini-game available in Monopoly Go and it allows players to get big rewards and prizes for hitting its milestones and just simply participating. This event lets players participate in Prize Drop, where there is opportunities to get free dice and Player Tokens and Shield. According to leakers in the community, the next Peg-E event is reportedly set to begin on 21st April at 10am CT, is scheduled to end on 25th April. The next Peg-E event should start around 5 pm in your respective timezones.

How to Get Free Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go?

Here are some ways in which you can get free Peg-E tokens in Monopoly Go:

Participating in Tournaments & Events

The first and foremost method for snagging Peg-E tokens is active participation in ongoing tournaments and events. The ongoing Gifts All Around event, for instance, is a great way to accumulate Peg-E tokens. Not only does participating in these events keep the competitive spirit alive, but it also helps in unlocking a slew of rewards, including Peg-E tokens.

Participating in Quick Wins

Monopoly Go has another option through which players can complete missions for some extra incentives, including Peg-E tokens. These are Quick Wins tasks. By accessing the "Wins" menu located at the bottom left, players can explore a list of simple tasks. Upon completion, these tasks reward players with various items, including Peg-E tokens.

Free and Daily Gifts

Monopoly Go players might be familiar with the game's 8-hour counter that refreshes automatically, presenting them with free gifts. If lucky, players will be able to find some Peg-E tokens there. 


While many in-game deals come at a price, some Endless Deals grant Peg-E tokens for free. Though these are not very common, players can still try out their luck. Players can stock up on tokens without spending in-game currency.

Purchasing Peg-E Tokens

The last resort is to spend some money if you really want those Peg-E tokens. While this is not an ideal option for all, players can still purchase them as the last option. 

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