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When Is the Next Monopoly Go Partners Event (December 2023)?

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The Partners Event in Monopoly Go is a big social live event where you can partner with your friends to build things on your board and win prizes.
Here's all you need to know about the next Monopoly Go Partners Event.

Monopoly Go has gained a lot of popularity in the recent months owing to its entertainment value. It allows users to experience the immersive board game of Monopoly at a touch of their screens.

Players, or the tycoons as they are called, can experience the thrill of buying, trading, and construction in this fast-paced, multiplayer virtual world. Monopoly Go has the best mix of strategy and fun for players. It also works well for those who know how the game works in principle and also for those new to the concept of Monopoly as well.

Monopoly Go also hosts a number of different events and there is not one dull day in the game. One of the fan-favorites is the 'partners event.'

Players are already anticipating the next Monopoly Go Partners Event and are wondering when it is scheduled. In this article, we will take a closer look at all that we know about the potential Partners Event for December 2023.

Monopoly Go Partners Event Explained

Monopoly Go hosts exciting in-game events and tournaments for players to earn rewards literally without missing a day. Every time you log into Monopoly Go, you would find a new event to participate in. There are different types of events in the game and they are as follows:

  • Monopoly Go Season Events: These events usually run for three months.

  • Monopoly Go Main Events: Monopoly Go Main Events can be found listed at the front and center of the game screen. They are usually for two or three days. 

  • Monopoly Go Tournaments: Monopoly Go Tournaments are similar to main events where players have to go through 25 milestones, and are given rewards based on their placement in that tournament.

  • Partners Event

Coming to Partners Event, those who are unaware should understand that this is a huge opportunity for players to team up with their friends and earn prizes. A Partners Event in Monopoly Go is a big social live event where you can partner with your friends to build things on your board and win prizes.

Anyone who has reached Board 5 is eligible to participate in Partners Event. During this, tycoons will find four slots on the board and will need to partner up with other players to build attractions on these slots.

When Is the Next Partners Event in Monopoly Go? (December 2023)

If Scopely follows its previous pattern of releasing Partners Event, the next Monopoly Go partners event should arrive on 15th or 16th December 2023 (according to the region you are in). This upcoming event could likely be themed around Christmas.

This date perfectly lines up with the 25-day minimum gap observed between these events. The last time a Partner Event was hosted was during the Thanksgiving festivity on 23rd to 16th November 2023.

However, fans should keep in mind that Scopely has not announced an official date and this timeframe is just a guess work.

The previous Partners Event in Monopoly Go are as follows:

  • Thanksgiving Partners: 23rd to 26th November

  • Spooky Car Partners Event: 27th October to 3rd November

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