What is the Rainy Lure Module in Pokemon GO and How do you Use it?


What is the Rainy Lure Module in Pokemon GO and How do you Use it?

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The Rainy Lure Module in Pokemon GO is a rare item that will allow players to attract Water, Bug, and Electric-type Pokemon to the Pokestops for 30 minutes.
The easiest way to acquire them would be through the in-game shop for 180 PokeCoins.
You can also take advantage of another player’s Rainy Lure module indicated by rainfall at the Pokestop.

While catching most Pokemon types is pretty intuitive in Pokemon GO, the game also allows its players to use various in-game items to significantly improve their chances, especially when it comes to acquiring special Pokemon types. This is where items such as the Rainy Lure Module come into play. Introduced during the Luminous Legends X event back in 2021, this special item was developed by Professor Willow as an upgrade to the Lure Module. Without further ado, let’s find out its uses as well as how to obtain them.

What is the Rainy Lure Module in Pokemon GO?

A Rainy Lure Module is a rare module that is used to attract wild Pokemon to the Pokestop’s location for 30 minutes. It specifically targets Water, Bug, and Electric-type Pokemon and it is indicated by the Pokestop having rainfall around them. 

Thankfully, they can be used by any player, and viewing the Pokestop will reveal the name of the Trainer who placed the Rainy Module. However, you need to remember that only one module can be placed and activated at one Pokestop and players must wait until the current one expires to trigger the next one.

Here’s a list of all Pokemon that have increased spawn rates due to this module’s effect:

  • Psyduck

  • Spinarak

  • Chinchou

  • Surskit

  • Electrike

  • Tympole

  • Joltik

  • Tynamo

  • Stunfisk

  • Froakie

You can also use the module to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra, although that will require you to spend 100 Goomy Candy as well as being in the active range of the device.

Using this Rainy Lure module is pretty simple and intuitive. You need to be within a certain range of a Pokestop that you’ve chosen to use this device. Simply click on the Pokestop and click on the option above the disk to choose the type of Module you wish to deploy. Upon choosing the Rainy Lure module, you will now have a timer for 30 minutes.

Where Can You Find the Rainy Lure Module in Pokemon Go?

The Rainy Lure Module can be obtained from various sources in the game. The most easiest way would be to purchase it from the in-game shop for 180 PokeCoins. You will also receive them as rewards upon completing different Timed and Special Research.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Rainy Lure Module in Pokemon GO. Make sure you look out for Rainfall around Pokestops so that you can take advantage of another player’s lure module to farm some Water-type Pokemon.

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