What is the New GTA 5 Update? What's Added and What's Removed?


What Is the New GTA 5 Update? What's Added and What's Removed?

Aditi Joshi
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Rockstar Games released a new update for GTA 5 and its multiplayer counterpart, GTA Online.
A significant aspect of the update is the removal of the Rockstar Editor and the addition of voice chat moderation testing.
Here is a look at all the updates brought in by Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games recently dropped a brand new update for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) and its online counterpart, GTA Online. The update brought forth a slew of changes that will impact the game significantly. The focus is on enhancing the gameplay experience for players while also addressing some existing issues.

In this article, we'll take a look at what the new GTA 5 update is. A lot has been added and a lot has been removed. So, let's delve deeper into these changes.

What Is the New GTA 5 Update?

The new GTA 5 update was released on 20th February 2024. This is Title Update 1.68 that made a significant change by removing the Rockstar Editor, along with its replay features from the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. And while this has been removed, Rockstar Games has added a bunch of other stuff to the game.

This includes voice chat moderation, director mode and other bug fixes and much needed improvements. Let us take a look at each in detail.

Rockstar Games Removes Rockstar Editor

The Rockstar Editor was first introduced in 2015 and enabled players to create, edit, and share videos of their gameplay. But following the update, the feature has been removed from both GTA 5 and its multiplayer mode, GTA Online.

The aim is to achieve overall smoother gameplay on platforms like PS4 and Xbox One. Many players have reported performance concerns stemming from the Rockstar Editor. The removal is bound to upset a large player base but the decision aligns with the goal of optimizing gameplay experience across all platforms.

The Voice Chat Moderation Test

A key highlight of this update is the introduction of voice chat moderation testing for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA Online. Many players are subjected to harassment within the game's voice chat system. This feature is a step towards curbing issues of toxic behavior and hate speech online. It was previously available only on PC and the latest console platforms, but has now been extended to older-gen consoles.

Unlocking Trophies via Director Mode

With Rockstar Editor removed, certain trophies like Vinewood Visionary and Majestic can be unlocked by using Director Mode on all platforms. To do so, all they have to do is enter Director Mode as any unlocked actor five and ten times, respectively. By doing so, players get to show off their skills and achievements within the game.

Bug Fixes and Launcher Improvements

The update has also addressed several issues plaguing GTA Online. These include crashes during voice chat on Xbox One and incorrect icon displays on PS4 and Xbox One. With this, the update opens an avenue for overall stability and functionality, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Additionally, the Rockstar Games Launcher has received some upgrades to improve performance across different platforms. These changes make sure that players have a smoother experience when launching and playing the game.

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