What Is Eagle Rearm and How Does It Work in Helldivers 2?


What Is Eagle Rearm and How Does It Work in Helldivers 2?

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The Eagle Rearm is a mechanic present in Helldivers 2 that allows players to manually replenish their Eagle Strategem strikes without waiting for all of its attacks to run out.
Using the Eagle Rearm code will ensure that all your Eagle strikes are ready to combat the next big wave of hostile alien creatures.

Helldivers 2 has made numerous strides in the industry, rejuvenating co-op PvE gameplay and topping Steam charts by captivating thousands of players. The game emphasizes teamwork and strategy to hunt down deadly foes encountered on your journey throughout the galaxy. Players will be provided with numerous Strategems to effectively tackle alien threats while navigating several hellish planets.

One standout example is the Eagle Strategem, a modular aerospace craft that offers several functions such as airstrikes, guided missiles, fire cannons, and more. However, its potent firepower comes with a drawback - a lengthy cooldown period, which is counteracted by the Eagle Rearm mechanic. Let’s cut to the chase and delve into how this system functions in Helldivers 2.

How Does Eagle Rearm Work in Helldivers 2?

When you begin a new operation, you get to choose a variety of Strategems that you can equip to deal with all the formidable foes that you might encounter. The Eagle Strategem is essentially a red attack strategem that sends in a fighter aircraft, offering precision ground strikes to support Helldivers. These range from Strafing Run, Napalm Airstrike, Cluster Bombs, 500KG Bomb, Eagle Airstrike, etc.

The Eagle Strategem is considered to be one of the most powerful Strategems in the game, however, it does come with an extensive cooldown period to rearm itself. When you use up all the various attacks it offers, it automatically begins its cooldown period and restocks ammunition, preparing for a second attack. What many players fail to realize is that they do not need to wait for all of their Strategems to be used and they can manually rearm the Eagle aircraft.

Similar to how each Eagle Strategem has a particular code, players need to use the Eagle Rearm code which sends your Eagle back to replenish its stock of ammunition, ensuring that they can use all of their attacks on the next wave of deadly creatures. Properly timing the Eagle Rearm can provide a significant advantage, allowing you to engage in battle with all available strikes.

Here are all the Eagle Strategems in Helldivers 2:

  • Eagle 500KG Bomb

  • Eagle Airstrike

  • Eagle Cluster Bomb

  • Eagle Napalm Airstrike

  • Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods

  • Eagle Strafing Run

  • Eagle Smoke Strike

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