What Are Weaver’s Will Items in Last Epoch? Stat Explained


What Are Weaver’s Will Items in Last Epoch? Stat Explained

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Weaver’s Will is a distinct stat in Last Epoch which immensely increases the upgrade potential of a specific item.
While items with Legendary Potential require Gold and crafting materials to upgrade, Weaver’s Will items will upgrade themselves as you level up and gain XP.
Keep in mind that an item can never have both Weaver’s Will and Legendary Potential stats together.

Last Epoch is filled with numerous mechanics that add layers of complexity to the gameplay. Apart from offering 15 different classes and legendary weapons the game also contains several systems in place to provide rarity rankings to the colossal list of items present in it. Apart from uniques and legendaries, Last Epoch also contains the Weaver’s Will rarity, added during Beta patch 0.9.1. While it works similarly to legendary items, its upgrade potential is significantly higher than any other rarity, allowing players to create the most powerful weapons, armor, and other such items in the game. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Weaver’s Will in Last Epoch.

How Does Weaver’s Will Work in Last Epoch?

Weaver’s Will is essentially an elusive stat that adds special properties to certain items in the game, allowing them to gain additional affixes and become Legendary. However, its upgrade path works in a completely different way from other items with the Legendary Potential stat. While items with Legendary Potential require Gold and crafting materials to upgrade them, Weaver’s Will items will automatically upgrade themselves as your player level increases. 

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As you kill enemies, gain XP, and continue ranking up, your equipped item possessing the Weaver’s Will stat will also gain up to 4 affixes in total, each of them capable of being leveled up to Tier 7. Every Weaver’s Will item has a number range of 5 to 28, which ultimately determines the overall upgrade potential of that specific item. Keep in mind that an item can never have both the Legendary Potential and Weaver’s Will stats together.

weavers will upgrade path

Every item possessing the Weaker’s Will stat will come with a number and for every upgrade, this number will drop by one. For example, if a select item has a Weaver’s Will of 28, it means that all four acquired affixes can be upgraded all the way to Tier 7, ensuring that it reaches its highest potential.

While Weaver’s Will items can be upgraded for free, you need to remember that the type of affixes you can obtain is completely random. This means the affixes you gain can possibly render the item useless for your specific build. However, you are more likely to roll Rare-type affixes on most items such as Relics.

Although these characteristics certainly attract many players, you need to know that items with Weaver’s Will are typically harder to discover than items with Legendary Potential. They also cannot be target-farmed from taking out specific bosses, making it a truly elusive stat in Last Epoch. The only reliable methods to increase your chances of getting items with Weaver’s Will is to farm at high tier level 100 areas and to obtain the Grands of Winds of Fortune blessing to increase your odds and overall drop rate.

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