How Can You Get to the Overgrown Alcove in Last Epoch?


How Can You Get to the Overgrown Alcove in Last Epoch?

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The Overgrown Alcove can be found in The Verdant Lakes region during the Ancient Era.
The Last Epoch community has found four other locations shrine locations, with some of them reportedly containing chests.

Eleventh Hour Games’ well-known Action RPG has finally received its official release after almost five years of availability as an early access title. Alongside the full launch, returning players were greeted with Update 1.0, which brought several additions to the game such as new models, animations, masteries, improved lighting, and more.

An influx of new players has jumped into the game to experience all of these new features and the varied regions present in it. Naturally, many questions arose about the hidden locations on the map, notable being the Overgrown Alcove in the Ancient Era. Without further ado, here’s how you can reach this mysterious shrine.

Here’s How You Can Reach the Overgrown Alcove in Last Epoch

To reach the Overgrown Alcove, you must head into The Verdant Lakes region during the Ancient Era of Last Epoch. Navigate to the area where you have to take down the Map Boss and continue in the Northwest direction until you find a large boulder covered with moss.

moss boulder

All you need to do is break this giant boulder, which will open a mysterious pathway, leading you into the Overgrown Alcove. Once you head inside you will spot luscious greenery and a Shrine in the center with mysterious letters glowing in blue. There is also an orb-like object in the middle of the shrine, but it does not seem to be intractable.

shrine orb

However, this does not seem to be the only shrine present in Last Epoch. As mentioned earlier, the game contains numerous hidden areas and passageways similar to the Overgrown Alcove, spanning various Eras in the game. The Last Epoch community has spotted 4 other shrines so far, with the possibility of several others being added with new updates. The known ones are:

  • The Heoborean Shrine:  Found in Heoborea during the Divine Era.

  • The Sealed Shrine: Present in The Courtyard region during the Ruined Era.

  • The Fractured Shrine: Found in The Barren Aqueduct during the Imperial Era.

  • 4th Unknown Shrine: Present in the Imperial Welyrn region during the Imperial Era.

While most of these shrines are constructed similarly, their surroundings and the atmosphere of the area seem to differ depending on the shrine. The Overgrown Alcove shrine is surrounded by greenery, whereas, the Heoborean shrine is covered with snow and frost. Players even reported that some of these shrines contain chests inside them but they remain unverified at the time of writing.

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