Here is all you need to know about Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep and how to get them.


What Are Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep?

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Dream Shards are an essential part of Pokemon Sleep.
There are a number of ways to get Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep.
Here is all you need to know about Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep and how to get them.

Pokemon Sleep has its own unique currency system, similar to that of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Sleep players can use this currency, called Dream Shards in order to level up and evolve Pokemon. Dream Shards can be grinded or bought in the game through Dream Clusters. Here is all you need to know about Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep and how to get them. 

Pokemon Sleep: What are dream shards?

Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep are equivalent to Stardust in Pokemon Go. You can use Dream Shards and Candy to evolve your Pokemon. However, the required amount of Dream Shards and Candy will increase as your Pokemon become more powerful.

Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep is a free-to-play game which lets you track your sleep and rewards you with different Pokemon surrounding a Snorlax. The app can also connect to players’ Pokemon Go Plus devices for more features. Connecting the app will let you get Pikachu to act as an alarm clock and sing you a lullaby. 

How to get Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep

There are several ways to get Dream Shards in Pokemon Sleep. You can earn them by catching new Pokemon you encounter and for Sleep Researching. Pokemon Sleep also lets users cook various dishes with ingredients that are available to sell for Dream Shards. You can also get Dream Shards by completing missions, selling items like ingredients, or purchasing them from the game store through Dream Clusters. Dream Clusters are available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. This item increases the number of Dream Shards earned after a sleeping session. Owners of Pokemon Sleep’s Premium Pass will receive Dream Clusters every three months.

How to Connect Pokemon Sleep to Pokemon GO & Pokemon GO Plus

You can track your sleep using Pokemon GO Plus in addition to utilizing it to engage with Gyms and PokeStops and capture Pokemon. You can earn prizes by tracking your sleep duration with Pokémon GO Plus. You must enable the Sleep Data option in order to be able to track your sleep. When you connect Pokemon GO to your Pokemon GO Plus device for the first time, a tutorial will appear with the opportunity to enable this setting. To alter this configuration:

  • In the Map View, tap the Main Menu button.

  • At the top right, tap the Settings button.

  • Tap Connected Devices and Services.

  • Tap Accessory Devices.

  • Scroll until you see Sleep Data.

  • Tap the toggle next to Share Sleep Data with Pokemon Go.

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