[Watch] The Finals: Player Scores a Bullseye Cashout From More Than 50 Meters


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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Finals: Player Scores a Bullseye Cashout From More Than 50 Meters</p></div>
The Finals: Player Scores a Bullseye Cashout From More Than 50 Meters


A player was able to successfully secure a cashout from more than 50 meters away by throwing the cash box towards the machine.
The player threw the cash box from on top of a roof, adjusting for the parabolic motion of the object to score the bullseye cashout.
Check out the viral gameplay clip below and maybe try to hit a 'Kobe' of your own!

The Finals has successfully hooked fans of first-person shooters from across the globe to its adrenaline pumping action. Its gameplay delivers some intense gaming sessions that are periodically fueled by a mix of unbelievable plays that are absolute gold, plenty of nerve-wracking defenses, moments of absolute chaos, and glimpses of extreme creativity that deserve applause.

Recently, a player successfully executed a cashout from more than 50 meters out by simply chucking the cash box from on top of a building's roof.

The Finals: Player Witnesses Kobe Moment After Executing a Cashout From 50 Meters Out

Yes, you read it right and it must have been a celebratory moment for the player's team, something to brag about because that throw was right on the money.

Plays like this is an absolute treat to see during a game because most of the times players are just running around like headless chickens trying to find the cashout machines!

The best part is that it was not a fluke, the player actually adjusted the crosshair to compensate for the flight path and the parabolic motion of the cash box. Sure, there was a bit of luck involved, but it was not a wild throw by any means.

A few things that can be guaranteed from the clip above are as follows.

  1. It is a 'Quick Cash' game mode as there are only three teams and there is only one cash box on the map.

  2. There is no rush to execute a wild throw like this because his whole team is alive and healthy. On top of that, they are in the lead with $10,000 cashout in the bag while also being in control of the current cash box.

  3. The game clock still has more than seven minutes left before the game concludes.

  4. This is not the first time that the player has attempted something like this which is evident due to the crosshair movement which clearly adjust for the cash box's game physics.

The move pays off in the form of a memorable 'Kobe' moment which has received quite a lot of mentions across social media.

Another thing that stands out in the clip is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) infused custom voiceover of June and Scotty, who are the game commentators in The Finals.

Their job is to provide updates about the ongoing game to the imaginary viewers, such as changes to the current leading team, if a team is in the knockout zone, and other such things relevant to a particular match.

This was the creative addition that stitched the entire play together rather nicely. With more gameplay clips populating social media with each passing day, we can surely expect more AI powered voiceovers resembling the two casters.

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