The Finals Patch 1.4.1 (11 Jan 2024): Aim Assist Nerfed, Bug Fixes, More


The Finals Patch 1.4.1 (11 Jan 2024): Aim Assist Nerfed, Bug Fixes, More

No more controller domination!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A minor update was released for The Finals today on 11 January 2024 with a focus on nerfing the aim assist feature.
Multiple settings related to aim assist have been tweaked so that the reliance on this feature is lowered,
A huge bug related to aim assist has also been fixed which will make things a lot easier for light players.

The Finals seems to have made a place for itself in the global online gaming community with its unique fast-paced gameplay where players need to bag the most amount of prize money while being chased around in a hyper-dynamic environment.

There are a lot of issues and bugs that still exist in the game and need to be weeded out by the developers, who are trying to improve the game one step at a time.

The Finals Patch 1.4.1 was released earlier today on 11th January, making it the first official update of the year.

The Finals Patch 1.4.1 (11 Jan 2024): Complete Details

Updates for The Finals are quite irregular but the developers are listening to the community's feedback and improving things to make the game function more smoothly.

The Finals Patch 1.4.1 is a minor update that addresses the problems related to aim assist, fair play, and bug fixes.

All changes related to aim assist have been made as a result of an in-depth review of how it works in the game, something that the developer were able to validate based on data provided by the large number of users actively playing The Finals.

The Finals Patch 1.4.1

  • Zoom Snapping Angular Velocity now has a maximum cap to prevent unintended rapid ninety-degree turns.

  • Zoom Snapping Time has been reduced from 0.3 secs to 0.25 secs.

  • Zoom Snapping will be removed for the following weapons as it grants them a significant buff over other weapons.

    • SR-84 - Sniper Rifle

    • R.357 - Revolver

    • LH1 - Semi-Automatic Rifle

    • SH1900, Model 1887, SA1216 - All Shotguns

  • Camera Magnetism has been reduced from 50% to 35%. This will make the player's aim less sticky while also lowering controller accuracy.

  • Aim Assist will now ignore invisible players.

  • Aim Assist will not be accessible to all clients running key re-mapping programs on PC.

The developers noted that the aim assist locking on invisible players was a bug within the existing system which has now been fixed. So going forward, controller players will have to spot these pesky light players on their own.

Other changes made to camera magnetism and zoom snapping will force controller players to up their aim skills and lower their reliance on the aim assist feature.

A firm step was also taken by the developers to quickly shut down all players that used re-mapping programs on their systems like REWASD among others.

The Finals Patch 1.4.1 was just a minor update that mostly addressed changes to how aim assist worked in the game, lowering the reliance of this feature for controller-based players.

Apart from this, the developers also mentioned that a much bigger update was currently in the works and would be released next week. It would consist of a major security fix and some new exciting content for all the players.

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