Valve CEO Gabe Newell Must Testify In- Person in Steam Antitrust Lawsuit


Valve CEO Gabe Newell Must Testify In-Person in Steam Antitrust Lawsuit

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Valve CEO Gabe Newell has been ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington to be present at an in-person deposition concerning an antitrust lawsuit filed by Wolfire Games against Valve.
The order filed on 16th November 2023 reveals that Wolfire Games considers Gabe Newell to be the right person to testify on Valve's business strategy.

It seems like Valve boss Gabe Newell, a.k.a. our Lord Gabe, is heading to court. A court order filed on 16th November 2023 says Gabe Newell must testify in person in the ongoing antitrust lawsuit between Wolfire Games and Valve so the plaintiffs involved in the case can assess his credibility.

Gabe Newell Ordered by Court to Ensure In-Court Presence Amid Steam Antitrust Lawsuit

If you’re unaware of the situation, back in April 2021, Wolfire Games filed a lawsuit that claimed that Steam had created a monopoly in the PC industry and had become a medium through which Valve was trying to suppress competitors with a 30% cut Valve takes on each sale that happens through Steam. The organization said that Valve takes a high cut from every sale, jeopardizing the financial state of independent developers and becoming a crucial reason behind how Steam’s operation affects others. Wolfire Games said their lawsuit aims to protect gamers and game developers who are badly affected by Valve’s conduct.

However, the court dismissed the original lawsuit without prejudice in November 2021, as the complaint did not provide the required evidence to allege an antitrust injury. Wolfire Games was given another 30 days to file a complaint to lay out all the issues, which they went ahead with in May 2022. reports that the US District Court for the Western District of Washington witnessed an order being filed on 16th November, in which Wolfire Games’ lawyers demanded to question Gabe Newell as part of the discovery process. The company stated that he is uniquely positioned to testify on all parts of Valve’s business strategy, and his position would help the court assess his credibility.

Previously, Gabe Newell had requested a remote deposition due to the possible COVID-19 contraction, but the court has ruled out that Newell has presented any substantial evidence that suggests he is at particular risk of any serious illness.

The court has told all the in-attendance members to make sure COVID-19 protocols are followed, having made it necessary for all court participants to wear masks. We can’t say the outcome of the lawsuit, but you can never be sure, as we’ve previously seen Steam getting dragged into the courts for harmful practices.

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