Blizzard's Diablo IV Leaked Survey Reveals Pay to Win Elements Coming in Next Expansion


Blizzard's Diablo IV Leaked Survey Reveals Possible Pay to Win Elements Coming in Next Expansion

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The details of the survey sent out to Diablo 4 players by Blizzard has been leaked, suggesting pay-to-win elements coming in the next expansion.
Here's everything you need to know about Blizzard's Diablo 4 leaked survey.

We're still a whole year away from the release of Vessel of Hatred, which is the first paid add-on for Diablo IV. However, that's enough time for Blizzard to think about what this add-on will cost to players.

It's not only Blizzard's Overwatch that's getting expensive in-game microtransactions. The game developer is asking fans for their opinions on the possibility of a future Diablo IV expansion, which could be priced up to $100 USD. The revelation came through a video by Bellular News, which listed all the detailed information given by a fan.

Diablo IV Expansion Survey Causes Frenzy in the Community 

During Blizzcon 2023, Blizzard Entertainment revealed what many in the community knew was coming – a new Diablo expansion titled 'Vessel of Hatred' which expands upon the events that took place between the campaign and bring a new class to the roster that has never been seen in the Diablo universe before. The expansion is set for a late 2024 release, and many details, including its pricing, still remain unknown.

However, earlier this week, Bellular News shared some information about Blizzard's pricing strategy for the new Diablo game add-ons. According to the YouTuber, a fan came forward and submitted a confidential survey from Blizzard, which gives a glimpse into Diablo IV's add-on pricing. The survey presents players with four pricing options -

  • $50 USD

  • $70 USD

  • $80 USD

  • $100 USD

It's a trend among developers to regularly send out surveys to gain valuable feedback from their player base; it's a perfect way to test out new ideas, mechanics, and features. However, the pricing survey by Blizzard has caused a frenzy in the community as it hints towards pay-to-win elements and monetization of some fan-requested features. The $50 and $100 options provide early access to a functional in-game item, with the $50 option giving access to a unique item and the $100 option unlocking a legendary aspect.

It's a known fact that Unique items and Legendary Aspects can have a massive impact on the power of any given build in Diablo IV. If players can pay to get these, it would give them a considerable advantage in PVE and PvP content. Players will also be able to get additional Stash space with real money. Many players expected increased Stash Space as a free-quality of-life update in the future. 

The leaked survey faces a huge amount of criticism from the community, but there's a chance that Blizzard might reassess its plans for add-on pricing, possibly a more pocket-friendly range for the community. 

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