Troubleshooting Starfield Performance Issues: Tips to Overcome Stuttering, Lag, and Frame Rate Issues

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Starfield Performance Issues


Starfield has taken players on a cosmic journey to explore distant planets and galaxies. However, for some players, this adventure has been marred by performance issues such as stuttering, lag, low frame rates, and frame drops.
This article aims to provide players with a comprehensive guide to addressing and resolving these challenges for a smoother gaming experience.

Starfield, Bethesda's highly anticipated RPG, has brought players on an interstellar journey filled with excitement and exploration. However, some players have encountered performance issues, including stuttering, lag, and frame rate drops. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind these problems and provide actionable solutions to improve your Starfield experience.

Understanding the performance problems players are experiencing in Starfield

Starfield's expansive and immersive world demands significant hardware resources. However, even with high-end systems, players are encountering performance hurdles, particularly during moments of high activity, such as planetary landings and densely populated areas. These issues disrupt the otherwise captivating exploration and storytelling experience.

While no permanent solutions have been identified, players can explore the following temporary workarounds to mitigate performance issues:

  1. Restart the Game: A simple yet effective approach is to restart Starfield. This has reportedly resolved stuttering and lag for some players, although it's not a long-term solution.

  2. Check Hardware Requirements: Verify that your PC meets Starfield's minimum or recommended hardware requirements. A system not meeting these specifications might contribute to the performance problems.

  3. Adjust Graphics Settings: Lowering graphics settings can significantly enhance performance. Reducing Graphics Presets, Shadow Quality, Crowd Density, and Lighting can alleviate issues. Consider experimenting with turning on or off Dynamic Resolution as well.

  4. Limit FPS: Limiting the game's FPS, especially if your monitor has a lower refresh rate, can help stabilize performance. Matching the frame rate to your hardware capabilities prevents excessive strain on your system.

  5. Update GPU Drivers: Outdated GPU drivers can lead to performance problems. Regularly update your drivers to benefit from optimizations and bug fixes.

  6. Enable Windows Game Mode: Activating Windows Game Mode optimizes system resources for gaming, potentially improving performance. Navigate to Windows Settings > Gaming > Game Mode to enable it.

  7. Check Internet Connection: If you're experiencing issues in multiplayer or online segments, an unstable internet connection could be a culprit. Switch to a stable connection or directly connect your device to the router.

Best Starfield graphics settings for mid-range systems 


  • Dynamic Resolution: On

  • Render Resolution: 75%

  • Graphics Preset: Custom

  • Shadow Quality: Medium

  • Indirect Lighting: High

  • Reflections: Medium

  • Particle Quality: Low

  • Volumetric Lighting: Medium

  • Crowd Density: Low

  • Motion Blur: Off

  • GTAO Quality: Medium

  • Grass Quality: High

  • Contact Shadows: Medium

  • VSync: On

  • Upscaling: FSR2

  • Enable VRS: On

  • Depth of Field: On

Best Starfield graphics settings for high-end systems

  • Borderless Full Screen – On

  • Window Size – Match Your Monitor

  • Dynamic Resolution – On

  • Render Resolution Scale – 75% (default) 

  • Graphics Preset – Ultra

  • Shadow Quality – Ultra

  • Indirect Lighting – Ultra

  • Reflections – High

  • Particle Quality – High

  • Volumetric Lighting – Ultra

  • Crowd Density – High

  • Motion Blur – Off

  • GTAO Quality – Ultra

  • Grass Quality – Ultra

  • Contact Shadows – Ultra

  • VSync – On

  • Upscaling – FSR2 

Players can look forward to future updates and solutions to alleviate Starfield's performance woes. Bethesda may release patches, hotfixes, and optimization updates to address these issues directly. Additionally, modders have shown their dedication to enhancing gameplay, promising solutions like DLSS support for NVIDIA GPUs, which can substantially improve performance.

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