Top 5 Souls-Like Mobile Games You Need to Check Out in 2023


Top 5 Souls-Like Mobile Games You Need to Check Out in 2023

Surya Kumar
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These mobile games mentioned below replicate most aspects of a Souls game such as its fantasy setting, environmental storytelling, dynamic and challenging bosses, etc.
Notable Mentions include Swordigo, Way of Retribution, Dark Raider, Watcher Chronicles, and Ronin: The Last Samurai.

The Souls-like genre has grown massively over the years, with tons of amazing titles following FromSoftware’s formula. The newest entries into this genre are the recently released Lords of the Fallen and Lies of P, both of which received numerous positive reviews across several platforms. This subgenre has some key elements such as a great level of difficulty, complex bosses, environmental storytelling, etc.  Essentially, the game does not hold your hand as you are playing through it and it lets you experience it as you see fit.

If you are a mobile gamer who is willing to get a taste of the Souls-like genre, you will find an overwhelming list of knock-off titles that will cater to your needs. Let’s take a look at them and find out the best Souls-like games that have been made for both Android and iOS.

Best Souls-Like Games for Mobile

1. Animus Revenant

Animus Revenant

This Indie title developed by Tenbirds was released back in 2021. It features most characteristics of Dark Souls specifically when it comes to combat which can be pretty brutal at times. The game also has a very bleak and ominous setting which aptly represents the fantasy setting of most Souls-like titles. You can pick up this game for USD 12.99 / GBP 10.65 (approx)  / INR 999 on both iOS and Android.

2. Revenant Knight

Revenant Knight offers players one of the most brutal Souls-like experiences on mobile, as it completely disregards the progression and level-up system featured in most games in the genre. You must completely rely on mastering the game’s mechanics to ensure your survival and that can be pretty demanding. This title boasts 36 different enemy types who will attempt to kill you throughout 77 stages. It also has 14 different bosses and even features multiple endings to enhance the replayability factor. It is currently available on Android completely for free, so check it out!

3. Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen

This mobile spin-off based on the popular 2014 title features one-on-one swipe controls but retains most of the other elements of the subgenre. Players will join characters such as Harkyn, Yetka, and Kaslo as they embark on a journey through the heart of a forsaken monastery to end the reign of the Demon Queen called Acasha once and for all.

Although it is not a true Souls-like in terms of its gameplay, it is certainly worth checking out if you are a fan of the original game or the new 2023 overhauled version. This title is currently available on Android for USD 11.99 / GBP 9.84 (approx) / INR 998(approx).

4. Pascal Wager

This ARPG features Dark Fantasy elements with four different characters, each encompassing a unique combat style. This title is highly regarded as one of the best mobile Souls-like games by numerous fans and critics, as it faithfully represents many aspects such as complex boss fights, challenging environments, and more. The game is currently available on both iOS and Android for USD 4.99 / GBP 4.10 (approx) / INR 415 (approx)

5. Grimvalor


This critically acclaimed Indie title was published by Direlight and features 3D side-scrolling mechanics with hack-and-slash style combat. Released all the way back in 2018, the game holds up really well in all aspects. Grimvalor is very fast-paced with enemies who have dynamic attack patterns which makes for an immersive and challenging gameplay experience. The game features five different acts and you can get access to the first act for free on Android while you will have to pay USD 7.12 (approx) / GBP 5.91 (approx) /  INR 599 for full access on iOS.

That is pretty much it for our list of the best Souls-like games available on mobile platforms. Do note that this list was not ranked in any order whatsoever.

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