How Long Does it Take to Beat The Lords of the Fallen?


How Long Does it Take to Beat The Lords of the Fallen?

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The Lords of the Fallen feature three different endings and a New Game Plus mode which adds to the replayability factor.
New players to the Souls-like genre can expect to spend more than 30 hours in the game to familiarize themselves with its lore, gameplay, and mechanics.
The Lords of the Fallen is now available for sale on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The Lords of the Fallen is a brand-new souls-like RPG developed by Hexworks. This newest entry aims to be the successor to the well-known 2014 game which has the same title. The studio has developed the game on Unreal Engine 5 showcasing impressive graphical capabilities and understandably so, it is only available on PC and the current-gen consoles.

This title also has two explorable realms; Axiom and Umbral, which are the lands of the living and the dead. Players can traverse between the two, undertaking quests from both worlds which is a unique feature when compared to the genre’s other titles. Considering the fact that most Souls-like games take quite a lot of hours to complete, many players are wondering about the estimated hours it would take to finish The Lords of the Fallen. Let's take a look.

Estimated Hours to Complete The Lords of the Fallen

For starters, there are plenty of variables that can affect the time it requires to complete this game with the most obvious one being lengthy and brutal boss fights. This title offers players the option to pick from various classes and each of them comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. 

In an interview, the executive producer Saul Gascon and creative director Cezar Virtosu confirmed that the game takes roughly 25-30 hours to complete. However, this estimate is for players who are already familiar with Souls-like games and the general layout of how things work. Players who find themselves new to the genre can expect to take more time as they will have to learn the intricacies of such titles. 

The game also showcases multiple endings which means going through a single playthrough will not be enough if you’re hunting for trophies or other achievements. To give you a rough estimate, Virtosu says that the new players would take about an hour and a half to complete the tutorial section of the game. While a player familiar with the game, such as the devs themselves would get through the same in 25 minutes. 

The Lords of the Fallen also has a New Game Plus mode to add to the replayability factor which is an integral part of most Souls games. As expected, the New Game Plus mode will bring added challenges such as the removal of Ancient Vestiges that you will find on your initial playthrough. You will be provided with Vestige Seedlings which act like temporary camps meaning you must set it up every time you want to relocate. 

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