This South Korean EA FC Pro Attempted to Fake His IQ Test to Avoid Military Service


This South Korean EA FC Pro Attempted to Fake His IQ Test to Avoid Military Service

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A former South Korean EA FC pro has been sentenced to prison for one year for attempting to fake his IQ test to avoid military service.
The EA FC pro faked answers on a psychological test at a local hospital to be diagnosed with a mental condition.

It’s quite common for Korean esports stars to leave the scene to complete their compulsory military service. However, Won ‘WonChangYeon’ Chang-yeon, an Esports star, has gone viral, not for any particular measure of skill, but because he tried to outsmart the system by faking his IQ tests.

South Korean Esports Pro Who Faked IQ Test To Avoid Military Service

Won Chang-Yeon, who was a FIFA pro for LIIV SANDBOX, tried to get out of his required military service after he was originally cleared for the activity due to his grades in the state physical exam. 

When it comes to asking who WonChangYeon is, we have to look at his career in Esports. He’s a known player in the scene who regularly took 1st- 3rd place in EA/FIFA events from 2017-2023. He was a skilled player, ranked #2540 in the highest overall earnings and #238 in South Korea.

After several attempts to dodge his required military service for poor physical health and being overweight, WonChangYeon thought of faking poor mental health. He went to a local hospital and faked the answers on a physiological test. The former Esports player lied having Enochlophobia and was diagnosed with poor mental health and an IQ of 53.

With a low IQ, he would’ve been exempted from basic military training and from being on the military reserve. However, police caught wind of this, and after an investigation, WonChangYeon was indicted for draft dodging. 

This South Korean EA FC Pro Attempted to Fake His IQ Test to Avoid Military Service

On 29th January 2024, one of Incheon’s District Courts found the FIFA and EA Pro guilty of violating the Military Service Act. He was sentenced to a year in jail and is now required to complete 120 hours of military service. 

Military service is taken quite seriously in South Korea. All South Korean males between 18 and 21 must serve in the military for two years, provided they aren’t disabled in any way. We’ve even seen popular bands such as BTS disband to complete their military service.  

However, expectations are made when it comes to athletes. For instance, any South Korean male who won a gold medal during the Asian Games will be exempted from the military standard service, which includes ESports pros. 

It seems that WongChang Yeon’s story did not end well for him. He tried to avoid military service and ended up with a one-year jail sentence and community service. 

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