These Are the Best XP Maps in Fortnite for April 2024

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These Are the Best XP Maps in Fortnite for April 2024


The following list of Map Codes will take you to various XP Maps with the highest one granting over 340,000 XP in total.
Make sure you enter all of the XP maps with your Island options set to Private.

Fortnite encompasses a diverse list of maps that provide various experiences for its players. While some like the School Horror take you on an eerie adventure, you can also access XP maps, which as the name suggests, help you drastically increase your player levels. Although it was only possible to acquire XP from Creative Maps in the past, Epic Games now allows you to gain XP even from fan-made UEFN maps, which can be quite efficient in helping you farm tons of XP within a short time. Without further ado, here are some of the best XP maps in Fortnite for the month of April.

The Best Fortnite XP Maps in April 2024

All Weapons FFA: Gun Game One Shot

This newly created UEFN map can be quite a bit of a hassle to get into but players who used this seemed to have received over 160,000 XP for their efforts. This map needs to be accessed in Private mode from the Island Options and it does require waiting through a few lobbies to get into. However, it can be an excellent option as it is a brand-new map that has not yet been patched.

Map Code: 7017-3972-9370

Calibration Map: 2129-0088-4635

Pro One Shot LTM

Another newly released XP Map that seemingly grants over 340,000 XP for players. Similar to the first map, this map also requires making your way past various lobbies by punching in passcodes, performing emotes, and interacting with items in various locations on the map. As with many XP maps, remember to enter this one using the Private mode.

Map Code: 9511-7577-0032

Passcode: 1735

Crazy Red Vs Blue

This XP map was first showcased on 3rd April and it remains unpatched at the time of writing. After the 900-second countdown ends, you will be loaded onto the map and you need to interact with five different glitches that are claimed to offer more than 200,000 XP. 

Map Code: 0986-4810-9582

Passcode: 732

Exotic Gun Game One Shot

This XP map can be found within “The Shark Game One Shot” Island released on 5th April seems to have granted players over 300,000 XP in total upon interacting with five different glitches within the map. This map also comes with a 900-second timer and it remains unpatched at the time of writing.

Map Code: 1196-0967-3308

You can also attempt to directly reach the map by using “6310-9885-1274”.

Although the UEFN maps do not grant as much XP as the classic maps, they tend to be active at least for a month before they are patched up. Worry not, as taking advantage of XP glitch maps is not a bannable offense and you will not lose access to your account if you attempt it.

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