How to Complete the School Horror Map Experience in Fortnite?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Complete the School Horror Map Experience in Fortnite?</p></div>
How to Complete the School Horror Map Experience in Fortnite?


School Horror by Yukinoshin offers a terrifying adventure where you play the role of a curious student attempting to uncover their school’s shrouded mysteries.
This article offers a step-by-step guide to completing the School Horror UEFN map in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s School Horror UEFN map, created by Yukinoshin, offers a truly spine-chilling school adventure. You play as a curious student who ventures into the forbidden school premises at night, attempting to uncover its shrouded secrets, which include encounters with terrifying killer clowns. 

This short yet immersive horror experience can be quite challenging, and you may find yourself stuck within its mystifying levels. Worry not, as this guide will provide you with the necessary strategies to conquer School Horror.

Here’s How You Can Conquer the School Horror Map in Fortnite 

The game begins with you in an empty classroom, curiosity getting the best of you as you desperately attempt to uncover your school’s mysteries. The quest begins once you come out of your classroom’s locker, hiding in it till midnight. You have a Torch at your disposal, which you must equip through the weapon wheel. 


Walk out of your classroom and explore nearby rooms and hallways. You must find two different notes and one key within the premises to progress through this initial quest. The first note can be found inside Class 1-2, which mentions that there are various creepy graffiti all over the school. The second note is inside Class 2-2, on the Teacher’s Table. This will inform you about a Fourth Floor that exists within the school.

Fourth Floor

Step out from Class 2-2 and walk in the corridor towards Fire Door 4. You will find the Boy’s Restroom to the left of the door sign. Enter the last cubicle to your left and you will find a key that unlocks the door to the Infirmary. Head towards the other corner of the corridor from the restroom and open the Infirmary’s door located on the left side. Move the screen to the right side to find another note on top of the chair. It will inform you that there is a creepy Book in the Library, suggesting that strange events might be uncovered upon reading it.

Head to the Staff Room right beside the Infirmary, and you will find the Fire Door 4 Key inside a File on the second long desk. Walk back to the stairs, open the Fire Door, and reach the Second Floor. You will find two small Lockers right in front of you, with the Fire Door 5 key wedged in between them, which can be obtained using a Magnet.

Glowing Red

Walk past the lockers to the right and you will find an area Glowing Red with a bunch of paintings made by the students. Head into the room directly to the right of these paintings to find the key to the Science Room on the Table beside the chalkboard. Navigate your way past the lockers towards the far end and enter the Science Room. Take the Magnet placed in the middle of the chalkboard’s frame and head back to the lockers to retrieve the Fire Door 5 Key and reach the Third Floor.

After climbing up the stairs, you need to walk to the far left of the hallway to enter the Library. The mysterious book can be found on top of the bookshelf in the far-right corner of the room. However, you must pick up a Stool from the room behind the Librarian’s Desk to obtain the Book. It tells you that your school does indeed hold a dreadful secret locked behind a Door to the Fourth Floor.


However, accessing this door demands you to erase 6 Clown Face graffiti scattered across the school grounds. Once you leave the Library, you will now find Horrifying Killer Clowns walking on the hallways of every floor. Thankfully, dodging them can be relatively easy, and they will not chase you, as long as you are not directly in front of their path. You can use various lockers and classrooms spread throughout the area to stay away from their line of sight.

Here’s where you can find all the Graffiti within the school:

  • Graffiti 1:  Climb down the stairs to the bottom floor and you will find the first clown face below the window, opposite to the door.

  • Graffiti 2: On the board of Class 1-2 on the First Floor.

  • Graffiti 3: Climb to the Second Floor and you will find it on the wall to the left of the Faucets

  • Graffiti 4: Head to the Art Room on the Second Floor and open the door inside it. You will find the clown face if you move the Cardboard Box on the floor.

  • Graffiti 5: Walk to the other end of the hallway, towards the stairs, and reach the Third Floor. Enter the Girl's Restroom to the right and open the 4th cubicle to your left to find it painted in red.

Graffiti 5
  • Graffiti 6: Head into Class 5-2 on the Third Floor and examine the VCR on top of the TV. you will now gain access to the Swimming Pool and the Sports Field. Go downstairs to the First Floor and walk directly straight from the staircase towards the door on the other end. Open the door, and head towards the pool area through the gates. You will find the last clown face in the middle of the swimming pool.

Graffiti 6

However, this demands you to drain the water from the pool to access it. Walk to the right of the pool from the gates to find a Valve Handwheel inside the room. Grab it and head to the other end of the area to find the pipes. Attach the wheel, drain the water, and erase the final graffiti.

Following this, a short animation will play, showcasing a glowing red door that can be found beside the Library on the Third Floor. Entering the door and reaching the Fourth Floor will uncover the school’s shrouded secrets.

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