The Finals: Steal the Spotlight Mode Explained


The Finals:

The Finals: Steal the Spotlight Mode Explained

Aditi Joshi
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In a recent update to The Finals, the game replaced the 'Solo Bank It' game mode with the latest Steal the Spotlight mode.
This mode is in solo game mode, where players will have to deposit coins in random cashouts. However, there are hidden hurdles that players will have to overcome.
The event is expected to run till 14th February 2024, until potentially new content for Valentine's Day is added.

The latest update to season 1 of The Finals has added a new game mode for players to enjoy. Replacing the 'Solo Bank It' mode is the Steal the Spotlight Mode, via update 1.6 to season 1.

This update is in solo game mode, adding a layer of excitement for those who enjoy the first-person shooter game alone. This game mode brings a bunch of exciting rewards and a new in-game skin, tempting players to check it out.

Here is everything you need to know about the new update.

What is the Steal the Spotlight Mode in The Finals?

Steal the Spotlight is in solo game mode and operates just like Solo Bank It but with some exciting changes. Players will enter the solo arena to collect coins scattered across the Las Vegas map. And then they have to deposit them into randomly appearing Cashouts.

However, there is a catch. In the dimly lit nighttime setting, there are some hurdles on the way. Activated tripwires and turrets are set as a trap on the map, keeping you from completing your goals.

Players are confined to the Heavy Build, and each match starts off with players receiving a random pre-made loadout. This ensures some unpredictability and excitement. Players will have to find unique ways to dissemble said hurdles to win the challenges.

How to Join the Steal the Spotlight Mode in The Finals?

To jump into action, players can access the game mode under 'Quickplay' tab, which is further located under the 'Play' tab. The game mode promises exciting rewards, setting the stage for high anticipation among the players.

Not only that, it is also speculated that the game mode will introduce its own exclusive skin line, further enticing players. So, keep an eye out for any potential developments in the game.

Steal the Spotlight Mode is Time-Limited

It is said that all good things must come to an end. This is also true for this short-run solo game mode. Set in the bustling map of Las Vegas, the game mode is expected to run for a short time.

It is rumored that the game mode will last till 14th February 2024, setting the stage for some potential Valentine's Day content. While this has not yet been confirmed, players can expect the game mode to last until the duration as Solo Bank It.

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