The Finals Gets a Brand-New 5v5 Game Mode Called Terminal Attack


The Finals 

The Finals Gets a Brand-New 5v5 Game Mode Called Terminal Attack

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Embark Studios has revealed that The Finals is getting another time-limited 5v5 mode later this week. This game mode, called "Terminal Attack, " is a tactical attack vs. defender affair.
This best-of-seven format features incredible destruction, limited health regeneration, and no respawns, heightening the stakes.

Since its debut in December 2023, The Finals has offered gamers several modes catering to their preferences. Right from the casual experience of Quick Cash to intense competition in the Ranked Tournament, the game makes sure to bring a well-rounded experience for everyone. However, Embark Studios isn’t just done yet. The developers have announced a brand-new update, which is set to bring a new limited-time mode called “Terminal Attack.”  Embark Studios has been teasing the CS-like game mode for quite some time now, and it is finally coming later this week. Let’s take a look at everything we know about this upcoming game mode in The Finals. 

Embark Studios Reveals “Terminal Attack” Mode For The Finals

Embark Studios has released a trailer for the upcoming game mode for The Finals, Terminal Attack. The studio initially teased the mode under the name Attack and Defend, and it takes inspiration and aspects from the fan-favorite 'Search and Destroy' mode from the CoD franchise. Terminal Attack is a 5v5 mode, and matches will take place over seven rounds, with players changing between attack and defense after the end of each round.

How Does Terminal Attack Mode Work?

In Terminal Attack mode, defenders must strategically defend the Terminal from attackers, who must plant the Decryption key in the Terminal Box. Each team will begin the game from spawn and head towards the Terminal area. However, both  teams have only one shot at achieving their goals, as there are no revives, healings or instant respawns.  It’s a high-stakes mode, where players must strategize carefully to dominate the other team. While there won’t be healing or reviving, players will have access to all other utilities. You can use grenades, shields, and other abilities to attack or defend the Terminal.

When is Terminal Attack Mode Releasing?

The limited-time Terminal Attack mode in The Finals is set to release on 2nd May 2024. It will be released alongside the game’s next big update, which is set to bring many changes to breathe new life into Season 2. That’s not all; Embark Studios has confirmed that we’ll also have Twitch Drops during the game mode’s release weekend. Selected creators will stream the new game mode, and players who tune in with their accounts connected will be able to earn cosmetics in The Finals.

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