The Battlefront Pack Brings Alluring Star Wars Space Battles to Halo MCC


The Battlefront Pack Brings Alluring Star Wars Space Battles to Halo MCC

Surya Kumar
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The Battlefront Pack developed by modders Abyssquick and Stevierothy incorporates numerous elements from Star Wars into Halo MCC, alluring both Halo and Star Wars fans.
As an upcoming addition to the pack, the devs are currently working on a Space Battles feature, which will bring enticing space combat into Halo Reach’s game engine.
This highly anticipated Space Battles feature is expected to make its way into the mod pack in the early months of this year.

Looking for a crossover between the popular Star Wars and Halo franchises? Look no further than The Battlefront Pack, a well-known mod for Halo MCC that incorporates numerous elements from the old Star Wars Battlefront 2 such as maps, vehicles, weapons, and more. This pack was developed by passionate modders Abyssquick and Stevierothy and it is currently available on Steam and Nexusmods.

As a new addition to the Battlefront Pack, the devs are currently working on a fully functioning Space Battle mode which will allow players to fly around the Halo universe in Battle Ships battling it out against various enemies and engaging in captivating space combat. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Battlefront Pack Will Showcase the Space Battles Feature in Early 2024

Apart from the vehicular combat already present in the pack, this exciting feature will allow players to jump into battleships from space stations and combat various enemies in the Halo universe. This mod is being incorporated into Halo: Reach, which is the 6th installment in the series.

On 7th December 2023, the devs announced that this highly suggested feature is making its way into the Battlefront Pack in the early months of this year. Furthermore, the post also showcased screenshots from the game mode and it has certainly impressed numerous fans of both the Halo and Star Wars series.

This announcement certainly excited the gaming community, with numerous influencers sharing their opinion on this visually impressive mod. In a post by news reporter Jake Lucky, we got to see early gameplay footage of this upcoming Space Battles feature. Even though it is not the final build, this Star Wars mod seems to work perfectly fine in the Halo: Reach’s game engine.

The flying mechanics look pretty smooth and consistent. Players will be provided with a regenerative boost bar and a health bar for their battleships, along with machine guns to shoot down their opponents. Apart from the visuals, the audio also seems to be on point, accurately mimicking the sounds of the thrusters and the guns which will certainly add to the space combat experience. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the upcoming Space Battles feature to The Battlefront Pack. If you consider yourself a fan of either Halo or Star Wars, you must definitely check out this mod, which is available on the Steam Workshop and on Nexumods.

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