Tekken 8 Pre-order Guide: All Editions, Platforms, and More


Tekken 8 Pre-order Guide: All Editions, Prices, Platforms, and More

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Tekken 8 will be available worldwide on 26th January for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.
The game comes in four different editions, offering various pre-order bonuses and cosmetics depending on its price.

Bandai Namco is all set to publish the next highly anticipated game in the Tekken series. This upcoming title will bring 32 re-imagined fighters for the current-gen consoles such as Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. New features include a revamped battle system that aims to showcase more aggressive battles while also maintaining unique tactics and player feel. Apart from its multiplayer, players also get a dedicated single-player mode where they complete Arcade Quests to earn lucrative rewards.

If all of this sounds enticing, this guide will help you make a well-informed purchase decision by explaining the four different editions of Tekken 8 along with available pre-order bonuses for each variant. Let’s take a look!

Tekken 8 Pre-order Guide: All Editions With Prices and Pre-order Bonuses

As mentioned above, Tekken 8 comes with three different editions, each offering different content depending on its price. These are:

Tekken 8 Standard Edition

The standard edition of the game simply comes with the base game along with pre-order goodies such as the Paul Phoenix Arcade Quest costume for Xbox and PC, while PlayStation users also get the Tetsujin and Mokujin avatar skins along with it. Here are the prices:

  • Xbox Series X/S: 69.99 EUR / 69.99 USD / 4,974 INR

  • PlayStation 5: 69.99 EUR / 69.99 USD / 4,799 INR

  • PC: 69.99 EUR / 69.99 USD / 4,199 INR

Tekken 8 Deluxe Edition

Tekken 8 Deluxe Edition

The deluxe edition of the game comes with the base game, the aforementioned pre-order bonuses, and other goodies such as:

  • Playable Character 1-year pass

  • 4 additional Playable characters

  • Kinjin Avatar Skin

  • Gold Suit Pack

  • 1 Costume per each Playable Character with a total of 32.

Prices for the deluxe edition:

  • Xbox Series X/S: 99.99 EUR / 99.99 USD / 7,199 INR

  • PlayStation 5: 99.99 EUR / 99.99 USD / 7,199 INR

  • PC: 99.99 EUR / 99.99 USD / 5,999 INR

Tekken 8 Ultimate Edition

Tekken 8 Ultimate Edition

The ultimate edition of the game comes with all of the aforementioned goodies for both the standard and deluxe editions. Apart from that, you also get the following items:

  • Classic Tekken T-shirt Set with 32 designs

  • Avatar Skins for Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama, and Jun Kazama.

Prices for the ultimate edition:

  • Xbox Series X/S: 119.99 EUR / 109.99 USD / 7,999 INR

  • PlayStation 5: 119.99 EUR / 109.99 USD / 7,999 INR

  • PC: 109.99 EUR / 109.99 USD / 6,599 INR

Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition

Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition

If you consider yourself a hardcore fan of the Tekken series, then you might want to get some physical goodies to go along with Tekken 8. For this, Bandai Namco has introduced the premium collector’s edition that will grant you the following items:

  • Electrified Jin figurine that is 25 centimeters tall

  • Special Face-Off Steelbook

  • 9 glossy collectible cards

  • Leroy Smith metal ring with velvet pouch

  • Arcade Toekn that is 5 centimeters tall

Prices for the premium collector’s edition:

  • Xbox Series X/S: 279.99 EUR / 299.99 USD / 25,308 INR (approx)

  • PlayStation 5: 279.99 EUR / 299.99 USD / 25,308 INR (approx)

  • PC: 269.99 EUR / 293.49 USD (approx) / 24,403 INR (approx)

Do note that these prices are from the official Bandai Namco store. You might find the prices to vary if you purchase them from other third-party retailers. 

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