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SuperGaming's Roby John Reflects On 2023's Achievements and Challenges

Abhimannu Das
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Roby John, the CEO and co-founder of SuperGaming told AFK Gaming about the company's achievements and challenges in 2023.
SuperGaming's upcoming battle royale Indus has garnered over 8 million pre-registrations and is set to release in the near future.
The game is currently in closed beta as SuperGaming continues to collect feedback ahead of its release.

In a recent interview statement to AFK Gaming, Roby John, the CEO and co-founder of SuperGaming, delved into the company's journey in 2023, particularly with their upcoming battle royale game, Indus. The game, set in India, has not only garnered 8 million pre-registrations but has also seeks to make an impact in the esports space.

SuperGaming Wants to Break Into Esports With Indus

SuperGaming's journey with Indus in 2023 was marked by remarkable achievements. The game attracted massive attention with 8 million pre-registrations, a testament to its growing popularity even before its official release.

More importantly, the company brought Indus into the esports landscape through various playtests, receiving invaluable feedback from esports professionals, casters, and the community.

This community-centric approach to game development has been a key strategy for SuperGaming. By engaging players early in the development process and incorporating their feedback, the team has been able to iterate and improve the game rapidly.

This approach not only shapes Indus's product roadmap but also ensures the game resonates with its target audience, offering an authentic experience tailored for Indian players.

Biggest Challenges During Development

Developing a real-time multiplayer game that supports over 60 players is no small feat. The challenges of coordinating various components and intricacies of game development are often hidden from players, who usually encounter the game only as a final product. To overcome this, SuperGaming adopted a grassroots approach to game development by curbing development costs as much as possible. This method has not only been instrumental in refining the game's features and mechanics but also in managing development costs effectively.

These experiences have fortified SuperGaming's determination to deliver Indus to a broad audience and have reinforced Roby John's optimism about the future of Indian game development. John envisions a future where Indian-made games are not just a niche but a significant presence in global gaming culture.

Looking Forward to 2024

John anticipates a time when streaming platforms and social media are abuzz with content from games developed in India, signaling a revolution in the Indian gaming industry.

As Indus gears up for its release, it seeks to be the center of innovation and community engagement in the Indian gaming sector. SuperGaming's achievements in 2023 have set the stage for a promising future, not just for Indus but for the entire landscape of Indian game development. With a focus on player feedback and a commitment to delivering quality content, SuperGaming is poised to play a pivotal role in this burgeoning industry.

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