Stay Hidden for 300 Seconds Contract in The Finals Explained


Stay Hidden for 300 Seconds Contract in The Finals Explained

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The Finals introduces various contracts for players to keep the rhythm of the game alive.
With the release of Season 1 battle pass, players are gearing up to earning more XP to level up faster.
To do so, they can complete the Covert Operator Contract. Here's all you need to know about it.

The Finals Season 1 has released its latest Battle Pass and a competitive Ranked Tournament mode, adding excitement to the game. To level up the season 1 battle pass, players will require a lot of XP. With daily and weekly contracts, players can earn additional boosts and hence skyrocket their XP. Among these challenges is the Covert Operator Contract, which requires players to remain hidden for 300 seconds. Completing this challenge requires incredible rigor and a strategically planned tactic.

In The Finals, players face a variety of such contracts, each needing a different strategy. While it will take time to perfect each move, having the right mix of build, abilities, and accessories can speed up contract completion in the game.

In this guide, we'll help you get through this challenge of "staying hidden for 300 seconds" in The Finals.

How to Stay Hidden for 300 Seconds in The Finals

Players are expected to use clever strategies and be patience to complete the Covert Operator Contract. To do so, they should adopt a light build class and add the Cloaking Device Specialization to their loadout. The key to completing this challenge is to use this device strategically when enemies are not around. To put this into effect, you can also urge your teammates to cover for you. This will foster communication and coordination among a team.

Players can use the Cloaking Device to hide themselves in The Finals. 

The Finals

It's crucial to note that this challenge is only successful when players remain invisible for the entire 300 seconds without being detected. Crowded zones like Cashout points may not be the ideal location for completing this challenge. Hence, players need to pick out their positions and locations carefully.

Tips to Carry Out The Covert Operator Contract

The Finals is a fast-paced title where slowing down is rarely an option. Here are some tips you can keep in mind while doing the Stay Hidden for 300 seconds challenge:

  1. Stay Still During the Challenge: When using the Cloaking Device, don't move if you want to stay completely invisible. Moving even slightly might give away your position.

  2. Decloak with Caution: Be careful when decloaking, as it makes a sound. Make sure to stay in places where there are no enemies. Ask your teammates to keep an eye out for any potential threats.

  3. Avoid Damage Due to Items: Watch out for items that cause area-of-effect damage, like gas mines and explosive cylinders. If you come into contact with these things, you'll be easily detected.

Avoid being detected in The Finals to complete the challenge. 

The Finals

So, go out there and rock that Stay Hidden challenge with these tips and tricks! Communicate with your teammates to carry out this challenge successfully without catching the eyes of your enemies.

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