How to Get Free Multibucks in The Finals?

Spend the currency wisely unlike your cash outs.

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How To Get Free Multibucks In The Finals


The Finals uses two types of in-game currencies, VRs and Multibucks, both having their specific purpose in the game.

The Finals uses two types of in-game currencies, VRs and Multibucks, both having their specific purpose in the game.

VRs are used to unlock specializations, weapons, and gadgets for different contestants, whereas Multibucks are used to purchase skins, items, bundles, and even the season battle pass.

Both currencies can be earned in different ways, VRs cannot be purchased and the only way to earn them is to play more games. On the other hand, Multibucks need to be purchased if players want to conduct microtransactions in The Finals.

There are several ways to get Multibucks in The Finals and some of these methods may help you earn some for free.

Free Multibucks in The Finals: How to Get?

Multibucks is the premium in-game currency used in The Finals which can be used to purchase cosmetics of all kinds in the game, including the seasonal battle pass which is released every three months or quarter of a year.

The direct way of obtaining Multibucks is to buy them using real local currency depending on the region, apart from this players can also collect them in small amounts using other available methods like the free tier of the battle pass and creating an account on Embark, developers and publishers of the game.

The Finals Free Multibucks: Seasonal Battle Pass

Every season of The Finals will present players with a new battle pass which they can purchased using Multibucks. This battle pass alone can grant players up to 1575 Multibucks, but there is a catch.

The battle pass has two different tiers, free and paid tier, the maximum amount of Multibucks that a player can earn depends on whether they have purchased a battle pass or not.

  • The Finals players can earn 375 Multibucks through the free tier of the battle pass.

  • The Finals players can earn 1200 Multibucks more through the paid tier of the battle pass.

This is one way to get some free Multibucks in The Finals without spending any money. It might not be a lot but then again something is better than nothing at all.

The Finals Free Multibucks: Registeration on Embark

Not many players know this but if they register themselves on Embark, who are the developers and publishers of The Finals, they are awarded 150 Multibucks for free along with a weapon charm.

Embark ID Registration Rewards

  • 150 Multibucks

  • Golden Opportunity | Epic Weapon Charm

This is a one-time reward so players can still obtain them but it is better to acquire them as soon as possible because the rewards might expire without any notice.

  1. First visit the Embark ID page.

  2. Create an account by directly linking with Steam, Playstation, or Xbox, depending on which platform you are using to play The Finals.

  3. Once the account has been created, go and visit your The Finals homepage.

  4. The user will be notified about both the new rewards, Multibucks and Weapon Charm.

The Finals Free Multibucks: Embark ID

These are the two methods to obtain some amount of free Multibucks in The Finals. If someone is not patient enough to gather this premium currency in small portions they can always opt to purchase it using real money.

Price of Multibucks in The Finals

  • 500 Multibucks - $4.99 | INR 415

  • 1,150 Multibucks - $9.99 | INR 830

  • 2,400 Multibucks - $19.99 | INR 1,660

  • 6,250 Multibucks - $49.99 | INR 4,150

  • 13,000 Multibucks - $99.99 | INR 8,300

In the ongoing first season of The Finals, players can earn a total of 525 Multibucks for absolutely free and an additional 1200 Mutibucks in case they purchase the battle pass.

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