Starfield: Traits System and Character Backgrounds Explained

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Starfield: Traits System and Character Backgrounds Explained


Starfield offers a variety of traits and a character background that can be picked while creating a new character.
The traits system will offer both advantages and disadvantages to players depending upon their type of build and playstyle.

Bethesda’s latest space RPG Starfield has improved upon its traits system by adding several elements from its previous games. The traits that you can select for your character are completely optional meaning you can choose to not play with these traits at all. In addition to traits, Starfield also features a character background feature which gives a backstory to your protagonist. It also unlocks several dialogue options that you can use to persuade or bargain with other NPCs in the game. Let’s take a look at the traits and character backgrounds that Starfield has to offer.

Starfield Traits System

While creating your new Starfield character for your playthrough, you will encounter the traits system which offers a certain buff and a debuff. Apart from choosing the physical outlook of your character, you can also choose their personality traits. If you are hopping into Starfield from the Fallout games, you might have noticed that this system is overhauled from them. There are a total of 17 traits present in the game among which you can choose to be a part of different factions like a Freestar Collective Settler or a United Colonies Native.

Players can choose three traits from this list while they are building their character. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to combine contrasting traits with each other. For example, you cannot combine the Freestar Collective Settler trait with United Colonies Native, as they are two different factions present in Starfield. Choosing either one of these traits would allow for custom dialogue options. Traits can be a double-edged sword in the game, so while you are progressing through your first gameplay, it is recommended to choose a familiar one. You can also choose to remove or change these traits as you progress through the game and complete trait-specific quests.

Starfield Character Backgrounds

Along with choosing your traits in Starfield, you can also add a background to your character, which further adds to your immersive RPG experience. Unlike, the traits system, the character background in Starfield provides players with a permanent buff in certain areas. Character backgrounds give your character a job or a role that defines your character’s skill set.

Here’s a list of all character backgrounds in Starfield:

  1. Chef

  2. Combat medic

  3. Cyber Runner

  4. Beast Hunter

  5. Bouncer

  6. Bounty Hunter

  7. Cyberneticist

  8. Diplomat

  9. Explorer

  10. Gangstar

  11. Homesteader

  12. Industrialist

  13. Long Hauler

  14. Pilgrim

  15. Professor

  16. Ronin

Combat Medic

Character Backgrounds also come with certain dialogue options that you can use to your advantage. Each of these backgrounds provides you with starting skills. For example, if you choose to be a Combat Medic, you get starting skills like:

  • Pistol Certification: Deals 10% more pistol damage

  • Medicine: Med packs heal 10%more

  • Weight lifting: Increases total carrying capacity by 10Kgs

The Combat Medic background can be a solid starter kit, as it allows you to carry more items while looting and also helps with healing and increased damage.

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