Starfield Stuttering on PC: How to Fix


Starfield Stuttering on PC: How to Fix

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If you are facing stuttering issues in Starfield, here's how you can fix them and get a smooth experience.

Having FPS issues and stuttering while playing games isn't uncommon, especially at the release of new titles. With Starfield being a massive game, players are expected to run into performance issues when playing. The reasons could be many or just a few. It's a problem that requires troubleshooting. If you're wondering how to fix Starfield stuttering issues on PC, here's a guide to help you.

Fixing Starfield Stuttering Issues On PC

It's important to understand that stuttering in Starfield results from low FPS. This happens when there's a lot on-screen, which can include particle effects, NPCs, or something else completely.

There's also a possibility that your PC doesn't meet the recommended minimum requirements to run the game smoothly, or you might have outdated drivers. With these troubleshooting steps, you can fix Starfield's stuttering issues –

Fix 1: Make Sure Your Game is Updated

It's a simple fix, but it can work for you if you're playing on an outdated version of the game. Head to settings and make sure that your game is on the latest version.

Fix 2: Install Starfield on SSD

From what the community has been reporting, most of the players who are dealing with stuttering issues in Starfield have the game installed on their HDD. It's a big game with a lot of loading screens, which means it requires SSD speeds to stream data. If you've installed the game on your HDD, there's a simple way to move it over to your SSD without reinstalling –

  1. Before doing anything, you need to make sure you've selected another Steam installation directory.

  2. Launch the game and open Starfield's Properties menu

  3. If you have another install location available, you can see it by clicking the Storage Tab

  4. Choose Starfield, and the "Move" option at the bottom should stop being grey or appear

  5. Click on the move option, and your install will work better now

If you have closed your Steam, you can grab your game file from wherever it is. Cut and paste it from the location to the new one. When you launch your Steam application again, you'll get a prompt for "install”. Click it and choose your new game file location. Steam will install the game again and verify the files, allowing you to play the game.

Fix 3: Update Your Drivers

Well, it's not a surprise that outdated drivers  would lead to terrible ingame performance. NVIDIA's Starfield driver has already been out for a week. If you've missed it, update your driver right away.

If you have an NVIDIA system, navigate to GeForce Experience and update your driver. AMD systems have to go to Adrenaline and update their drivers. If you're not able to update your drivers from here, you can go to their respective websites and manually download the latest drivers.

Those are all the ways through which you can fix stuttering issues on Starfield. However, not all these solutions will work for every player. But fear not! Bethesda is working hard to fix these issues through game patches and updates. Stay tuned to the game's social handles for more information.

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