Best Starfield Mods for Improving PC Performance


Best Starfield Mods for Improving PC Performance

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Like all previous Betestha RPG titles, Starfield is a modder’s heaven. It’s just been a week since the launch of the game, and modders have already started building new features and finding out ways to enhance performance. With over 1,000 different planets and locations to explore, mods have plenty of possibilities to alter the way we play Starfield

Optimize Starfield on PC with these mods


Starfield's Cleanfield Mod

Clean UIs can go a long way in increasing your FPS. With Cleanfield, you can get rid of “Message Of The Day” or Bethesda’s logos, which clutter your main menu. The mod works to remove every mention of the game and the studio. You’ll get a clear looking main menu with increased performance.



Starfield’s ingame HUD can be overwhelming for someone who’s new to Bethesda games. With the help of BetterHUD, you can minimize ingame distractions. You can make location text and XP indicators smaller and get rid of other aspects of UI. What’s more is that when you get rid of these things, your game performance also increases.


Starfield Upscaler

Starfield Upscale Mod

Bethesda has not provided DLSS upscaling support for the Starfield, but the community has found a way again. Puredark’s Starfield Upscaler is one of the best mods for performance in the game right now. This mod allows users to replace ingame FSR 2.0 with DLSS and offers additional features. So, if you have an NVIDIA card and want to get more performance, look no further than the link below.

Starfield Upscaler: 

Starfield Performance Optimizations

Starfield is quite a heavy game, even by Bethesda’s standard. We’re all familiar with the bugs and poor optimization with previous Bethesda games, and the same continues with Starfield. The community has reported how even high-end cards are not giving more than 30 FPS on the PC port.

However, this particular mod helps with performance problems. E3roKK’s mod ensures that you won’t see performance dips when you explore major planets in the game.

Starfield Performance Optimizations: 

Steam Deck FPS and QOL

Starfield’s latest update ensures that you don’t have any major issues with the game on the handheld PC. However, users are still experiencing fluctuating performance and getting less than 30 FPS. The Steam Deck FPS and QQL mod can help improve handheld game performance, providing more than a 35% performance boost.

Steam Deck FPS and QOL: 

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