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Starfield Sabotage Stealth Walkthrough: A Comprehensive Guide

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In Starfield, while you are following the Ryujin Industries questline, you are bound to come across one of its concluding missions - the Sabotage.
This is your ultimate guide to the Starfield sabotage mission.

Starfield is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks and it takes place in a space-themed setting. Starfield, in addition to the cosmic bundle of beauty that it offers, has many challenging missions.

While you are following the Ryujin Industries questline, you are bound to come across one of its concluding missions: The Sabotage. This mission entails stealth, espionage and precision. The operation requires you to gain unauthorized access to the Infinity Ltd. corporate headquarters and hack the computer network in order to steal a valuable item. Additional awards after the quest also await you!

Different players will say there are different ways of approaching the mission. While some may prefer the stealth mode, others may want to take a weapons-free approach. No matter what, the objective is to not fall under the radar of the enemy.

Here is a comprehensive and in-depth guide that will provide you with a Starfield Sabotage Stealth Walkthrough. 

Using the Stealth Mode for Sabotage in Starfield

Before embarking on this fun-filled, intense sabotage, there are a few things one must keep in mind. The first is that you need to make sure that your partner does not accompany you throughout the game. This will help you curb the chances of detection. Secondly, you need to have expert skill at lockpicking to avoid ringing the alarm. And thirdly, don’t forget to carry essential aid items with you. 

Now, let us dive right into the mission.

Starfield Sabotage Mission Walkthrough

The Sabotage mission is actually triggered immediately after you finish the Key Ingredient quest. 

Your first goal is to find Dalton. Just follow the directions to his office through the elevator that will take you to the executive offices inside the industry building. In the ensuing conversation with Dalton, some big revelations will drive the storyline forward. A false mole for Infinity Ltd will be revealed and you must go along with this lie for the sake of the story. The mole that has been revealed is Imogen Salzo. 

Your next stop is Doctor Veena, who will implant the Neuroamp inside you, equipping you with boundless powers of mind control. After the Neuroamp procedure, you can test it out on Demarcus. 

Interact with Doctor Veena


Using Neuroamp on Demarcus

This testing will take place in a glass chamber inside the R&D department. You have to use your newly installed abilities in Neuroamp to manipulate Demarcus into opening a door with a keycard. Follow the given steps to use Neuroamp:

  1. Press ‘F’ on your PC or LB on Xbox to access the Scanner Menu

  2. Navigate to the ‘Social’ section in the scanner’s menu. 

  3. Highlight Demarcus as your target using your scanner.

  4. Press the manipulation button from within the scanner's social menu.

With Demarcus under the influence, interact with the keycard on the table. Then, repeat the process, but this time, interact with the door instead of the keycard. Soon, you’ll see Demarcus making his way to open the door. Please note that you need to continue manipulating him under the scanner menu to execute the door opening. 

As an indicator of success, a black puppet icon will appear on Demarcus, letting you know that the manipulation is working. 

Manipulating Demarcus


After completion of this trial, follow Demarcus out, and you will have a brief interaction with Dr. Veena. Soon, Masako and Ularu will meet you, where they will expose Infinity Ltd. for their wrongdoings through the exclusive New Atlantis SSNN radio network. 

Now is the time to intrude the gates of Infinity Ltd. Masako will present you with two intruding options — either sneaking in through the roof or faking a new identity. Either way, you can still change your mind before actually reaching the premises. Donning an operator suit with a fake ID will make it 25% more difficult for others to detect you easily. 

Meanwhile, the Overseer program will continue to gather evidence against Ryujin Industries. And now, you will exit Ryujin, travel to New Atlantis and expose Infinity Ltd. 

Breaking into Infinity Ltd. 

After reaching New Atlantis, you can utilize a transit car to reach the commercial district. Reaching there, you will be able to spot the Infinity building to your right.

If you are:

  1. Using a Fake ID to enter: Simply show it at the front desk, and you will be taken to the marketing floor. Wait until the receptionist, Aelys, leaves and then continue the mission by using a roof-access elevator. 

Use a fake ID to enter the Infinity Ltd. premises. 


2. Sneaking in stealthily: Continue walking toward the right side of the building, and then hop inside the side door immediately. Continue your way upstairs, crossing the rooftop. Enter the door and you will find yourself on the roof access floor. 

Wait for the receptionist, Aelys to leave before moving forward. 


From here, you will see a guard nearby. Use your mind control powers to manipulate him so that he can turn off the fan for you to drop down. Following this, make a left turn and you’ll spot the maintenance system. Hack it by solving a Digipick puzzle, which will activate the heating system, overheating the place. This will create visual barriers for others, as the heat may end up producing smoky clouds, giving you an open leeway to intrude further. 

Now, leave the top floor by dropping down a nearby vent. Locate Lucas’ computer in his office by following the marker. You will be required to hack the front door of the office, but be careful since guards will be patrolling nearby. Wait for the quest objective to be completed in Lucas’ office after running the program. 

Tread carefully outside the office and you will spot a small fence on your left. Jump on it and continue following the beams on your right across all office floors. Drop down the vent nearby and you will find yourself in a bathroom. Open its door and then go left. 

Drop down the vent nearby and you will find yourself in a bathroom.


Make sure to stay undetected throughout. You can use gas and side rooms throughout the building to sneak around. However, in case you are detected, there is no use restarting the game again or wasting time saving the game only to resume it just after. Instead, if you are spotted, you must retaliate with equal force. It will not only add some thrill to your gameplay but also save time. You won’t have to replay the same scenario again and again. 

Running the Overseer Program on Faye’s Computer

The next objective is to use Faye’s computer to run the Overseer program. Her office is located in a different floor. Therefore, make sure that you reach there undetected or are equipped with the right tools to fight back. Either way, get to her office and then run the program on her computer. Don’t forget to pick up the R&D ID card on your way back from her desk. 

Faye's Computer


Stealing the Neuroramp Procedure

Find the room that has the prototype and use this ID card to steal it. Enter the room and you will find the prototype behind a glass door. Thrash it and steal what’s yours, run away and make your way out of the building. 

If you are okay with killing the guards, just take the elevator and make your way downward. If you still wish to sneak around and avoid unnecessary combat, then you can access the roof again. 

Lastly, make your way to the SSNN office building in New Atlantis, where you will come across David Barron, just lingering in the lobby. Hand over the Overseer program to Barron, and you can return to Ryujin. Here, you will speak with Mosako. While doing so, the new SSNN broadcast will play simultaneously, exposing the crime bandwagon of Infinity Ltd while relieving Mosako of any false accusations. 

Ularu, on the other hand, is now restless, and you must deal with her, as the plotline will drive forward.

This is how the Starfield Sabotage can be completed in Starfield. Remember that as important as Stealth mode is, it is also important to engage in combat so that you can gather some extra loot if they are carrying any.

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