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Exploring Corporate Espionage: The Ryujin Industries Questline in Starfield

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Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield offers a unique questline that plunges you into the world of corporate espionage, deception, and intrigue.
Joining Ryujin Industries is a unique journey, one that requires you to go through a formal job application and interview process.
In this article, we'll delve into the mysterious world of Ryujin Industries, its questline, and how to join this formidable corporate giant in Bethesda's epic space RPG.

In Starfield, factions play a pivotal role in shaping your journey. Among these factions, Ryujin Industries stands out as a corporate giant with a unique questline. The city of Neon in Volii Alpha's star system hosts Ryujin Industries, which gives off a very Cyberpunk vibe in Starfield. Joining Ryujin Industries will plunge you into the world of corporate espionage, intrigue, and ethical dilemmas.

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of the Ryujin Industries questline, providing insights into its storyline and mission structure.

The Ryujin Industries Questline in Starfield

Starfield offers players a diverse array of factions to join, from the peace-keeping Vanguard to the rugged Freestar Rangers. However, Ryujin Industries presents a distinctive experience, immersing players in the corporate world of Neon. As a junior operative, you'll navigate through a web of secrets, sabotage, and research, delving deep into the heart of corporate greed and ambition.

The Ryujin Industries questline in Starfield is not for the faint-hearted, as it involves a series of missions that will challenge your moral compass. Here's an overview of the quests that make up the main storyline:

  1. Back to the Grind: Join Ryujin Industries as a junior operative in Neon. Rewards: 100 XP, 4300 Credits

  2. One Step Ahead: Infiltrate rival CeltCorp and exact revenge. Rewards: 275 XP, 4800 Credits

  3. A New Narrative: Plant confidential files at Laredo Firearms in Akila City. Rewards: 275 XP, 4800 Credits

  4. Access is Key: Obtain a security keycard from a UC Security Chief on Gagarin.

  5. Sowing Discord: Divert potential investors away from competitor Infinity LTD and sabotage Nina Hart's presentation. Rewards: 250XP, 9300 Credits

  6. Accidents Happen: Sabotage equipment at HopeTech on Polvo by planting an Arc device.

  7. Maintaining the Edge: Steal a schematic from the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard. Rewards: 350XP, 12000 Credits

  8. Top Secrets: Meet Simon Ryczek and delve into the Project Dominion leak. Rewards: 350XP, 12000 Credits

  9. Background Checks: Assist Dalton in running Nyx's program on Ularu and Camden's computers before decrypting the data. Rewards: 150XP, 3800 Credits

  10. Guilty Parties: Uncover the identity of the mole and make pivotal decisions for Ryujin Industries. Rewards: 400XP, 4800 Credits

  11. The Key Ingredient: Discover Infinity LTD's inhumane experiments and murder spree, then install the internal Neuroamp. Rewards: 400 XP

  12. Sabotage: Infiltrate Infinity LTD HQ to sabotage the Neuroamp prototype and expose Drexler's corruption. Rewards: 350 XP

  13. Executive Level: Determine the future of Ryujin Industries, Infinity LTD, and the Neuroamp. Rewards: 500XP

These quests take you on a rollercoaster ride through the murky waters of corporate politics and corporate espionage. As you progress, you'll witness the consequences of your actions and gain access to a randomly generated quest board, providing endless opportunities for side missions.

How to Begin Your Journey with Ryujin Industries 

To embark on the Ryujin Industries questline, follow these steps:

  1. Discover Neon: You'll first encounter mentions of Ryujin Industries while exploring New Atlantis which is a part of the Volii Alpha planet.

  2. Initiate "Back to the Grind": Overhear an NPC in New Atlantis praising Ryujin Industries, triggering the "Back to the Grind" quest.

  3. Submit Your Application: Head to the Ryujin Industries kiosk in New Atlantis and complete the job application, answering questions about your skills and interest in the company. Note that your answers have minimal impact on the outcome.

  4. Interview with Imogene: You'll be directed to Ryujin Tower in Neon for an in-person interview with Imogene Salzo.

  5. Joining Ryujin: Upon successful completion of the interview, you'll become a part of Ryujin Industries and commence your journey as a junior operative.

As you progress through the 11 main quests, you'll make pivotal decisions that shape the future of the corporate world in Starfield. Joining Ryujin Industries is an enticing opportunity for players seeking a unique and morally challenging experience within the vast universe of Starfield.

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