Starfield: How Can I Mine Asteroids?

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Starfield: How Can I Mine Asteroids?


Mining asteroids in Starfield is another feature a lot of players did not know about. It's incredibly simple and rewarding.
If you want to learn how to mine asteroids in Starfield, our guide has everything you need to know.

As you travel across hundreds of planets in the galaxy of Starfield, you’ll run into the unknowns and interstellar surprises, right from enemy ambushes to party ships, abandoned ships, and everything in between. 

While you’re roaming around in this immersive world, you will definitely come across asteroid fields, and if you slam your ship into them, it can cause a fair bit of damage. By shooting these asteroids, you can clear your path and move on, but can you do something else with them? You can mine all the asteroids you encounter in your space journey in Starfield, and our guide tells you how to do it.

How To Mine and Get Resources from Asteroids in Starfield?

You’ll come across a lot of asteroid fields, but it’s not always clear where you can find them. One of the earliest ones you’ll come across is hovering around Neptune in the Sol Star System.

Once you’re done dealing with the hostile threat and complete a section of “The Old Neighbourhood” quest, that asteroid field around you is open to exploring.

If you want to mine asteroid fields, you can use any weapons in your ship’s arsenal: missiles, lasers, or ballistics. You just need a few hits, and that will be enough to shatter an asteroid into small pieces. Some of these will have a “salvage icon”, similar to what you see after destroying enemy ships that have a number of floating supplies you can grab.

Steer your ship towards the mined salvage, which is labeled as “Mineral Deposit,” and take whatever you want. There can be a lot of different items, and they will be stored in your ship’s cargo, which you can then use or sell for whatever purpose you need.

Asteroids in Starfield

What Can You Get From Mining Asteroids In Starfield? 

When you’re shooting down asteroids and finding mineral deposits, you will find a lot of iron, which increases with the size of the asteroid you break down. Sometimes, you might end up finding a few pieces of nickel scattered among the wreckage. If you’re wondering if it’s even worth your time to mine asteroids, it all comes down to your personal preferences. If you are looking for resources, you can mine as much as you want; otherwise, there are many better ways to get resources in Starfield.

And that’s how you can mine asteroids in Starfield; it’s a simple process! Be sure to follow us for more Starfield news and guides.

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