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Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining Structural Materials

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In Starfield, constructing your own outpost can be a game-changer, not only for survival but also for amassing wealth. The key to a successful outpost lies in acquiring a vital resource known as Structural Materials.
Structural Materials serve as the foundation for constructing outposts, facilitating higher-tier research, and enhancing your spacecraft.
In this guide, we'll delve into the most effective methods for acquiring these essential materials.

In your journey through Starfield, you'll undoubtedly encounter the need for Structural Materials, whether it's for constructing outposts, research projects, or modifications. While purchasing from vendors is a quick but costly option, scavenging enemy bases and harvesting the galaxy's resources provide more sustainable ways to amass these crucial materials. In this guide, we'll uncover the most efficient methods for obtaining these essential materials.

The Importance of Structural Materials in Starfield

Structural Materials serve as the foundation for constructing outposts, facilitating higher-tier research, and enhancing your spacecraft. These materials are vital to your progression in Starfield, and knowing how to obtain them efficiently can make your journey through the cosmos much smoother.

Method One: Purchasing From Vendors

The most straightforward method of acquiring Structural Materials is purchasing them from vendors scattered across the game's settlements. These vendors typically run all-purpose shops and offer a variety of resources, including Structural Materials.

While this method is convenient, it's not the most cost-effective option. Buying Structural Materials from vendors can be expensive, especially if you require large quantities. Additionally, vendors have limited stock, meaning you may need to wait for them to restock if you require substantial amounts.

Purchasing Structural Materials is a viable option, especially when you need them urgently, but it's advisable not to rely solely on this method to meet your needs.

Method Two: Scavenging Enemy Bases

As you explore the Starfield universe, you'll come across various enemy bases, outposts, and locations inhabited by hostile entities. These places often contain loot, including Structural Materials. Scavenging these locations while on your adventures can yield valuable resources.

Although this method may not provide large quantities of Structural Materials quickly, it's convenient because you'll naturally encounter these locations during your gameplay. Remember not to sell any Structural Materials you find, as you'll need them for your own constructions.

It's worth noting that pilfering items from peaceful areas is also an option, but be cautious of any potential witnesses, as it may negatively impact your reputation.

Method Three: Harvesting The Galaxy

The most efficient method for acquiring Structural Materials is by harvesting them directly from the environment. You can find these materials in various plants and wildlife throughout the Starfield universe. Here's how to go about it:

  • Flora: Approach plants with Structural Materials, and the 'Harvest' option will appear. Clicking it will yield the desired materials.

  • Wildlife: Some creatures in the game drop Structural Materials as loot when defeated. These items are usually labeled with the creature's body part followed by '(Structural)' in parentheses.

It's important to note that not all planets will have Structural Materials readily available. To increase your chances of finding them, focus on planets with abundant vegetation, as these are more likely to host the resources you need.

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