All Starfield Console Commands: God Mode Cheats, Free Cam Mode, And More


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Starfield Console Commands: God Mode, Kill All NPCs, and More

Aditi Joshi
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Starfield is an open-world RPG with loads of different locations to explore.
With console commands at our disposal, exploring the world of Starfield and defeating enemies can get a tad bit easier.
We have compiled a list of some console commands that will assist players in experiencing Starfield without much difficulty.

Starfield features a vast expanse of space. And sometimes, players may require a little help conquering enemies in this endlessly open world. With console commands, they can play in God Mode, gliding through the game like a pro. These cheat codes can make a player almost invincible, indifferent to damage, and have access to free in-game money. These inputs not only make the journey easier but also fun. 

We have compiled a list of some useful console commands that players can use as they see fit. However, it is crucial for players to know that sometimes these inputs may lead to glitches or crashes in the game. It is advised that the game be saved before experimenting with these commands. 

How to Use Starfield Console Commands

To access console commands, players must press the tilde (~) key. This will pause the in-game screen and a console display will appear, where the commands can be added. When the console is accessed for the first time in a game, a warning will appear, informing players that using these commands may disable achievements.

Starfield Console Commands

Starfield Console Commands

To proceed, either click 'OK' or press the 'E' key (or 'A' on Xbox).

Next, open the console display again and add suitable commands to it. Make sure to press the Enter key after adding each code. Upon completion, press the tilde key again and the console window will be closed. 

Starfield Console Commands

Here is a list of some console commands that players can add to their games and experiment with. 

  1. tgm: Activate God mode, rendering you invulnerable, granting unlimited carrying capacity, and an infinite stamina reserve.

  2. tcl: Toggle collision, allowing you to pass through walls and objects effortlessly.

  3. tai: Execute this command to deactivate AI, causing all NPCs to become entirely unresponsive.

  4. player.additem 0000000f X#: Add X credits to your character's inventory, where X is the desired quantity of credits.

  5. player.additem 0000000a X#: Obtain X digipacks instantly by entering this command, , where X is the desired quantity of digipacks.

  6. tm: Toggle the user interface on and off, ideal for capturing screenshots of the game world.

  7. tfc: Activate free camera movement, seamlessly complementing the tm command for more flexible exploration.

  8. tmm 1: Permanently mark map locations on a planet, aiding navigation throughout the game.

  9. kill: Target an NPC and administer an instant demise.

  10. resurrect: Resurrect NPCs, undoing the previous command and bringing characters back to life.

  11. kill all: Eliminate all nearby NPCs instantly, providing a swift resolution to conflicts in your vicinity.

  12. player.setav speedmult [#]: Adjust your character's speed to your liking.

  13. player.setav health [#]: Set your maximum health level to a preferred value.

  14. sexchange: Change your character's gender as you see fit.

  15. psb: Unlock every power available in Starfield, granting you ultimate capabilities.

These console commands have gained immense popularity as anticipation for Starfield's release continues to build. Experiment and enhance your gameplay with these hidden features!

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