Top 5 Weapons You Need to Get In Starfield

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Top 5 Weapons You Need to Get In Starfield


Starfield offers players a whole arsenal of weapons that will certainly have their back during intense combat situations.
Notable mentions include the Deadeye Pistol, Big Bang Shotgun and the electromagnetic Novablast Disrupter.

While you embark on your journey across different planets, you will come across various foes that you will have to deal with. Thankfully, Starfield offers players a myriad of weapons that they can add to their arsenal. Similar to Bethesda’s Fallout series, players can pick and swap between different weapons with the key difference being the fact that this game is an enormous space RPG. Players can also choose from various ammo types such as Ballistic, Laser, Particle Beam, Electromagnetic, etc. If you were wondering about the best weapons in the game, we have made a curated list covering most of the prime weapons found in Starfield. Let’s dive right in and take a look.Here Are Some of the Most Potent Weapons in Starfield

Here Are Some of the Most Potent Weapons in Starfield

1. Heller’s Cutter

Heller’s Cutter

This Cutter tool will be available to most players at the start of the game. You will be able to find it in a crate on Vectera, the moon where the plot of Starfield initializes. However, you will not be able to acquire it during your first visit. You need to complete the Deliver the Artifact to Constellation quest in order to come back to the Narion System. This weapon will come in handy while you are dealing with small hostile creatures providing an effective way to conserve ammo. Here are its stats:

  • Fire Rate: 76

  • Range: 3

  • Accuracy: 76.7%

  • Ammo: Cutter

  • Mag: N/A

  • Mass: 4.00

  • Mods: 0

2. N67 Smartgun

N67 Smartgun

This heavy weapon comes with a very high fire rate ideal for short to mid-range battles due to its low accuracy. This weapon works wonders when you need to provide cover fire or blast your way through hordes of enemies. Here are its stats:

  • Fire Rate: 350

  • Range: 40

  • Accuracy: 49.3%

  • Ammo: 7.77M

  • Mag: 300

  • Mass: 15.10

  • Mods: Upto 6 weapon mods

3. Keelhauler


This legendary weapon is easily one of the best pistols in the game. It is obtained as a reward for finishing the Deep Cover side mission which involves infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. Here are its stats:

  • Fire Rate: 140

  • Range: 24

  • Accuracy: 70.1%

  • Ammo:  .43MI

  • Mag: 6

  • Mass: 3.50

  • Mods: Upto 6 weapon mods

4. Eternity’s Gate

Eternity’s Gate

This legendary Particle Beam rifle might just be one of the best guns in the game. The fact that it is valued at 99,000 credits makes it one of the most sought-after weapons in Starfield. Here are its stats:

  • Fire Rate: 25

  • Range: 60

  • Accuracy: 81.6%

  • Ammo: Heavy Fuse

  • Mag: 20

  • Mass: 5.10

  • Mods: Upto 6 weapon mods

5. Unmitigated Violence

Unmitigated Violence

The Unmitigated Violence is a legendary Laser sniper rifle acquired during the late game stage. We do not want to list out the quest details as it could possibly be a spoiler to the game. Here are the weapon’s stats:

  • Fire Rate: 33

  • Range: 52

  • Accuracy: 77.0%

  • Ammo: 3KV LZR

  • Mag: 50

  • Mass: 10.65

  • Mods: Upto 7 weapon mods

Additionally, you might also want to consider the Equinox rifle which is a legendary Laser that essentially allows players to run and gun their way through enemies. Its minimal base damage is compensated by its potent fire rate.

Here are its stats:

  • Fire Rate: 100

  • Range: 45

  • Accuracy: 71.2%

  • Ammo: 3KV LSR

  • Mag: 20

  • Mass: 4.45

  • Mods: Upto 7 weapon mods

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