Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection’s Catastrophic Launch Enrages Fans; Three Servers Allocated for 10,000 Players


Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection’s Catastrophic Launch Enrages Fans; Three Servers Allocated for 10,000 Players

Surya Kumar
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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection retails for 35 USD on PlayStation, Xbox, and on PC via Steam.
The game has been plagued with numerous game-breaking issues such as crashes, floaty controls, unplayable multiplayer, outrageously high ping, etc.
Publisher Aspyrx Media has put out a statement addressing the problem while actively working on fixing these issues to no avail.

Thousands of fans were excited to replay the 2003 and 2004 Star Wars Battlefront games as part of the Classic Collection but were left sorely disappointed with publisher Aspyrx Media, who recently launched the well-received Tomb Raider collection, a remaster of the first three original games in the series. 

While many expected the Star Wars re-release to be on par with the company’s previous launches, fans were rightfully enraged with this disastrous release, as the game was riddled with bugs, crashes, and server issues, quickly receiving a “mostly negative” rating on Steam. Following this, Aspyr issued a statement saying that they experienced critical errors with their network at launch. Let’s uncover the details of this disaster.

Aspyr Media Only Had Three Servers With 64 Slots Each for a 35 USD Star Wars Game

The Stars Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was released yesterday on 14th March for USD 35, which is quite high for what is essentially a 20-year-old game. Besides the campaign of Battlefront One and Two, the main reason behind this purchase would be the game’s multiplayer matches, which remain unplayable at the time of writing.

The studio only had 3 servers with a maximum capacity of 192 to accommodate 9,232 players who logged in on Steam alone. Following the backlash, publisher Aspyr put out a statement mentioning that they experienced critical errors with their network infrastructure, which they claim to be the reason behind the matchmaking errors, incredibly high ping, and servers not appearing. 

However, these issues sadly still remain even after the addition of new servers to support the multiplayer mode. Although Aspyr is actively working on resolving all issues, the damage has already been done to the fans who paid full price and were eager to jump into these nostalgic games. On top of the floaty controls and other deal-breaking issues, the Classic Collection also takes up a massive 62.87 GB of space while the original games only took around 13 GB when combined.

The Classic Collection currently has an “Overwhelmingly Negative” review on Steam, receiving a rating of 2/10 with many players recommending other gamers to purchase the standalone versions of these games instead.
This is due to various inconsistencies such as crashes, inaccurate hit registers, crashes, sound issues, stuck respawn timer, lack of aim assist on controllers, incorrect sensitivity calibration, and a lot more, which would take up a significant time to fix.

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