Sony’s PlayStation Consoles Will No Longer Support X/Twitter From 13th November

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Sony’s PlayStation Consoles Will No Longer Support X/Twitter From 13th November</p></div>
Sony’s PlayStation Consoles Will No Longer Support X/Twitter From 13th November


This change will affect PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users who regularly share their favorite in-game moments directly from their consoles.
Sony has stated that players can use the PlayStation app as an alternative to share their game captures and screenshots.

On 13th November 2023, Sony issued a notice on their site stating that their consoles would be losing integration with X (formerly known as Twitter). This news comes as a surprise to many PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users who use the option to share screenshots or gameplay from their consoles to the popular social media site. Many are speculating that this sudden change might be due to the API changes that the platform has undergone. Let’s take a further look into it.

Twitter’s API Changes Might Be the Reason Behind Sony’s Decision

The updated Twitter / X API started charging for access to their platform this February. Since then, even companies like Microsoft have disabled the functionality of sharing screenshots and game uploads directly from their Xbox consoles and the Game Bar on Windows.

Although Sony has not provided an exact reason behind this decision, it is speculated that the company has done so to eliminate the new API prices, similar to Microsoft. On PlayStation consoles, this removes the ability to view any published content and the ability to post new content as well. This means you can no longer share your trophy achievements or funny gameplay moments directly from your console to your friends on Twitter / X. 

However, the console market giants aren’t the only ones pulling the plug on the platform’s integration as game studios like Blizzard have also done the same. Nintendo was the trendsetter for this change, as they were the first to remove Facebook and Twitter login options last year.

Similar to Xbox users who use the Xbox app to access Twitter, PlayStation users are also advised to use the PlayStation app to share their enticing in-game moments. On the app, any of your captures will be stored for 14 days. Keep in mind that only gameplay videos that are under 3 minutes long and not 4K will be saved. Screenshots can only be shared if they are taken from the Create Menu or Create button shortcuts. If you wish to share them on other social media platforms, you can do so by saving them directly to your device and posting them through their respective apps.

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