Shroomish’s Evolution Pokémon Go Explained


Shroomish’s Evolution Pokémon Go Explained

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Shroomish was introduced to the Pokéverse back in 2017 when Ninatic also introduced other Pokémon from the Hoenn region.
While it is a grass-type Pokémon, Shroomish is a rare sighting, mostly found in forests.
Players can also obtain a shiny variant of this cute plushy-like Pokémon.

Shroomish was introduced to the Pokéverse in the chilling Winter of 2017 when Ninatic introduced the Hoenn region. This grass-type Pokémon has since become a part of the franchise. However, it continues to be a rare sighting, not appearing frequently in the game. This means that catching a Shroomish is no easy task for players. 

If you are able to capture this rare mushroom-like creature, evolving it to Breloom is not difficult. In this article, we have all the information that you need to know about Shroomish, how to capture it, and evolve it into the next species, Breloom. 

Where to find Shroomish in Pokémon Go?

Where to find Shroomish in Pokémon Go?

Shroomish is a rare sight in Pokémon Go and is mostly spotted only in the wild. Adding to the rarity of its presence is the fact that it has not been featured in Eggs since October 2020. This is where players were able to retrieve Shroomish through different egg setups introduced monthly. However, since October 2020, it has become a rare sight. The last time Shroomish was seen as a part of Field Research was way back in July 2021. Since then, its only standard location is the wild. 

Given this Pokémon’s rarity, it is best to carry Pinap Berry as extra candy with you in the forest just in case you come across one. 

Evolving Shroomish to Breloom

If you somehow end up capturing a Shroomish, it is best to start the process to evolve it to Breloom. While Shroomish is not the smartest fish in the sea, its evolved self, Breloom, can be a pretty effective Pokémon if used right. 

Breloom is also available as its evolved self in specific sections of the Go Battle League, where it is quite easy to capture. However, if you capture a Shroomish and wish to evolve it to Breloom, know that it doesn’t take much, surprisingly. Despite the evolved Pokémon being a fighting-grass-type, it can be evolved with only 50 Shroomish Candy. 

In order to obtain Shroomish Candy, players must use the Pinap Berries while catching it. Another way to obtain bonus Candy is by spending time with Shroomish and walking side by side with it as a buddy. 

Shroomish: A Shiny Artefact

Shiny variants of Pokémon are special entities that are extremely popular among Pokémon trainers. They are different from their normal counterparts in appearance, emerging in colors different from those of their original form. These Pokémon add a flair of distinction to the ever-expanding Pokémon roster that players are working for. 

For those wondering if a shiny variant for Shroomish is available, the answer is yes. Since the 2022 Pokémon Go Fest, Shroomish has become obtainable even in its Shiny Variant. So, go out there and get started! Hunt the overloading 1-foot tall cuteness and evolve it into Breloom, strengthening your Pokémon team. 

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