Should You Let Astarion Drink Your Blood in Baldur’s Gate 3?


Should You Let Astarion Drink Your Blood in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to make some really strange yet intriguing choices throughout its storyline.
Letting Astarion drink your blood will provide buffs to him and debuff your character.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players ten different companions from which they can choose three to join their party and venture out into the world of the Forgotten Realms. The game is pretty complex when it comes to forming relationships with these characters. Unlike other RPGs which provide you with a gift-giving system, this game allows players to make choices that are favorable to your companions in order to further progress your bond with them. One such companion is the high elf rogue Astarion,a vampire spawn who will literally attempt to drink your blood in one of the cutscenes present in the game. Typically as an RPG, the game allows you to make various choices to encounter this situation. Let’s take a look at them.

What Happens if You Let Astarion Drink Your Blood?

As mentioned before, players can choose from a variety of options in this situation. However, if you let Astaron drink your blood, these are the consequences:

  • Astarion will drink your blood, giving him the Vampire Bite action, that will let him regain 2d4 points and you in-turn will take 2d4 Piercing damage. He will also gain a +1 buff to attack rolls, saving throws and all of his ability checks along with the “Happy” status effect for one day.

  • Likewise, you will get a -1 debuff to all of your effects, saving throws and attack rolls along with a “Bloodless” status effect. It will last until you can get your next long rest.

  • If you don’t stop him, he will get carried away and drink more of your blood which will ultimately lead to your character’s death. You will need to use the Scroll of Revivify to revive your custom character back from the dead with 1 HP. However, the odds of this happening is very low as you will do a die roll to pass the checks, and you will be able to stop him twice.

This choice also increases your approval rating with Astarion and it will be easier to romance him in the later part of the game.

What Happens if You Don't Let Astarion Drink Your Blood?

These are the events that will uncover if you don’t let him drink your blood:

  • Astarion will hunt down a wild animal and drink its blood. He will still get the Vampire Bite action.

  • You will be provided with the option to kill Astarion or banish him from the group. This is a permanent action and you will not be able to undo this. Keep in mind that you will need to do a strength test and roll 14 or higher. 

  • Successfully passing the strength test will give you the option to pick up a stake and stab him through his heart, killing him.

The odd part is that after these events, you will go back to sleep and wake up to a dead Astarion still lying beside you. The other companions would not even mind or care. Talk about being cold-blooded.

Overall, the decision to let him drink your blood is completely dependent on you and the choices you want to make moving forward. However, if you do wish to be on his good side or romance him, you can choose to be Astarion’s blood donor.

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