Semantle #644: Answers and Hints for 4th November 2023

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Semantle #644: Answers and Hints for 4th November 2023</p></div>
Semantle #644: Answers and Hints for 4th November 2023


Unlike other word guessers, this game has an emphasis on the meaning of the word rather than its spelling.
Semantle was created by Web Developer David Turner using Google’s Word2Vec, a neural network model that finds the relation between numerous words from a colossal group of texts.

Semantle is the latest entry into the long list of massively popular word games such as Wordle, Contexto, Jumble, etc. Unlike the other games, this one uses Google’s Word2Vec, a natural language processing technique that uses word embeddings. Judging from the game’s apt name, we can tell that the game has to do more with semantics; the study of meanings of words and sentences. This makes Semantle stand out from other similar titles, as it completely relies on the meaning of a word rather than its spelling. This adds an interesting and challenging twist to regular word-guessing games. 

Semantle is highly regarded to be one of the best word guessers by several fans as it brutally amps up the difficulty level, making it nearly impossible to find the correct word in six tries or less. If you find yourself struggling to find the right word for today, we have got you covered with the correct answer.

How Does Semantle Work?

This word guesser was created by Web Developer David Turner using Google’s Word2Vec, a neural network model that finds the relation between numerous words from a colossal group of texts. A list of numbers called a Vector represents each word, ultimately showcasing the similarity between your guesses. Essentially, it uses a complex algorithm similar to the one present in Contexto.

How Do You Play Semantle?

As the game’s official site loads, you will immediately be greeted with a large wall of text, explaining the rules of the game. This is what the developer had to say:

“Semantle will tell you how semantically similar it thinks your word is to the secret word. The similarity value comes from Word2vec. By ‘semantically similar,’ I mean, roughly ‘used in the context of similar words, in a database of news articles.’”

Essentially, you will need to guess the correct word based on its meaning. The game has various elements in place to guide you through the process. Upon entering your guess, the game will show you a similarity value that rates it closer to the secret word. If you get 100 similarity, it means you have found the exact word. You can even get a minus rating which has gone all the way down to -34.

As the name suggests, the “Getting Close?” meter which indicates how close you are to the target word. You will be given a rank if you enter a word that is one among the pool of a thousand similar words to the target.

Answers for Today’s Semantle (4th November)

 The puzzle number for today is 644. The nearest word has a similarity of 58.36 while the tenth nearest word and one thousandth nearest word have similarities of 44.13 and 31.52 respectively.

The answer to puzzle #644 is NATURE.

Here are some of the previous answers:

  • #643 is REST

  • #642 is ELSEWHERE

  • #641 is DIVISION


  • #639 is DISCUSS

  • #638 is CHRONIC

  • #637 is PILE

  • #636 is WIDOW

  • #635 is DIMENSION


  • #633 is REPLY

  • #632 is CONSEQUENCE

  • #631 is HANDSOME

  • #630 is CLOSELY

  • #629 is MILLION

  • #628 is SAVING

  • #627 is DESTINATION

  • #626 is ILLEGAL

  • #625 is SECRET

  • #624 is CHOCOLATE

  • #623 is NERVOUS

  • #622 is CAR

  • #621 is BRAND

  • #620 is LOUD

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