Weaver the Word Ladder Game: Optimal Solution for 4th November 2023

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Weaver the Word Ladder Game: Optimal Solution for 4th November 2023</p></div>
Weaver the Word Ladder Game: Optimal Solution for 4th November 2023


Weaver was initially created by Novelist and Mathematician Lewis Carroll back in 1877.
Solving the daily weaver requires you to change one single letter at a time until you reach the target word.

This popular word ladder game has been around for centuries and it is still being enjoyed by many every day. Weaver was originally introduced back in 1877 by Author and Novelist Lewis Carroll, who reportedly created it for his children on Christmas day and named it “Word-links”. Over the years, the game has acquired an online form while still retaining its original structure. The newer version of this age-old game was developed by Josh Wardle and it is available as a website and also as a mobile app.

 The main idea behind the game is to link or weave through different words in order to reach the target word. Players are given the starting word and the ending word, and they have to find a way to sort of connect the two by only changing one word per attempt. If this concept sounds enticing to you or if you are unable to find the answer for today’s weaver, we have got you covered. Let’s delve into it.

How Do You Play Weaver Online?

As mentioned above, the game contains both a starting word and a target word and players must solve it by weaving their way through the two by changing one single letter at a time. Although you can jump through several words, the real skill lies in solving the puzzle with minimal attempts. You also need to remember that the game will only accept words that are present in its own dictionary.

Upon entering a new word, the game will automatically change the correct letters to green, which is similar to other word games such as Wordle. It will also store your in-game statistics such as the day’s Optimal, Score, Solved Weavers, Longest Streaks, and Current Streak. You will also notice a timer that counts down the time remaining for the next weaver to appear. 

weaver statistics

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Optimal Solution for Today’s Weaver

The Starting Word for today, 4th November 2023, is SCAR while the target word is MARK. Although you can take several approaches to solving this weaver, the most efficient way to solve it is by using the following words:

  • SEAR

  • BEAR

  • BEAK

  • BERK

  • BARK

  • MARK

General Tips to Solve Weaver As a Beginner

Besides the obvious answer of broadening your vocabulary, there are several things you can try to improve your weaver skills:

Plan Your Moves: Before you jump into solving the puzzle and creating new word ladders, try to create a mental image of the sequence of your following words. This can help you form better patterns and make your word linking just a bit easier.

Keep an eye on vowels: Vowels are often considered to be the trickiest alphabets in a weaver. Make sure to keep an eye on the initial and the target words for any patterns in vowels and plan accordingly.

Keep Practicing: Similar to any other skill, practicing and getting a hang of the intricacies of the game is crucial to getting better at it. Understanding how word ladders are formed, and recognizing patterns or links will eventually help you become proficient at Weaver.

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